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VIDDY: The DIY Cardboard Pinhole Camera

By Teagan Alex on August 15th 2014

Have you ever been interested in using a pinhole camera? Well now might be your chance. Kelly Angood has started a Kickstarter of one such DIY pinhole camera. She calls it the VIDDY.


The VIDDY is a screen printed DIY pinhole camera kit that is made out of recycled cardboard. It takes both medium format (120mm) and 35mm film stocks. The kit comes with all the parts you need in a flat form, as well as a medium format spool, a pinhole, a lightproof window, sticker sheet and instructions.


VIDDY Pieces

Just pop out the pieces and build your camera – it takes roughly a half hour to complete and needs only a small drop of glue for your knob. It comes in four colors: Green, Black, Blue or Red. They even have a nifty app you can download to tell you how long to expose your film. There are different levels of donations, but to get a camera, it is about $40 USD, and the cameras should arrive by November.



To see results from using the VIDDY or watch a video about it, click here . The kickstarter funding ends on September 7th, so jump on getting your DIY pinhole camera!

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Teagan Alex is an Event and Fine Art Photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah. She believes that all people are inherently beautiful, and loves to capture the details of the world around her.

She received her BFA degree from UVU in photography and since has been published in books and magazines, multiple gallery shows, and won best in show for her work. Visit her website at and connect with her via Facebookor Instagram.

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  1. Phil Bautista

    Or you could buy a pinhole lens for your DSLR for less.

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  2. Rafael Steffen

    It would be a lot of fun to try one out with a Medium Format film.

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  3. Rafael Steffen

    These toys are great for understanding the birth of photography.

    | |
  4. Rich Taylor

    Creative and Fun!

    | |