If the rumors are to be believed, Panasonic will be releasing a new firmware update for the GH4 this week. But there is another firmware coming, which will include a version of V-Log. The only catch is that it’s going to cost you.


According to the report over on 4/3 Rumors, a source indicates that a new firmware will be released that includes a ‘lite’ version of V-Log, which would give the GH4 an extra 2 stops of dynamic range when used. This would be a huge update for GH4 users, allowing them to do even more incredible things with that awesome camera.

But, like I said above, there is a big catch. According to the rumor, this new firmware update with the V-Log is going to cost you around $100. Yes, the rumor is that Panasonic is going to charge you for the firmware update.

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$100 is not a ridiculous sum; most people seriously using the GH4 will likely be able to afford it. But for me, it’s the principal of it all. If it were some crazy new feature that no other camera had, then sure, I could see paying for it. But, in this case, where Panasonic is playing catch up to Sony in giving their users Log profiles, I think charging for such an update is a bad move.

The rumor goes on to say that the non V-Log firmware will be released on Wednesday of this week.

What are your thoughts on this Panasonic GH4 firmware news? Would you pay $100 for a V-Log firmware update? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. 

[via 4/3 Rumors]