UPDATE: The V-Flat World + SLR Lounge Premium Giveaway is now closed. The winners have been selected and notified. We’ll update the article again with the winner info shortly.

Giveaway season continues!  We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with V-Flat World to offer THREE lucky winners their choice of available options from V-Flat World’s impressive line of versatile modifiers and backdrops. Each winner can choose one of three packages, including 1) one foldable V-Flat, or 2) two XL Duo Boards, or 3) one Light Cone Kit. In addition, we’re going to give each winner one free year of SLR Lounge Premium! Between V-Flat World’s incredible light modifiers & backdrops and our Premium education, you’re photography is about to take an impressive leap forward!

The V-Flat World Giveaway Prizes

Over the years, we’ve kept up with V-Flat World’s impressive line of versatile modifiers and backdrops, and we’ve used their products in a number of our portrait sessions, tutorials, and more. We truly believe that V-Flat World’s products can do wonders for portrait and product photographers alike. Now, you have a chance to see what these incredible tools can do for you. Here’s a quick look at what the giveaway winners can choose from.

Option 1: One Foldable V-Flat ($210 Value)

v flat giveaway foldable v flats

The product that started it all for V-Flat World, the foldable V-Flat gives photographers a super diverse, multi-application tool they can use on the go. With one side of the half-inch foam core white and the other black, the V-Flat allows photographers to reflect or subtract light, block light, or even provide fill light under the subject’s chin. Furthermore, when fully opened up , these 80″x80″x.5″ V-Flats make for great backdrops. And, when it’s time to move, these V-Flats fold down to 40″x40″x2″, which makes them easy to transport, even if you’re driving a compact car. Weighing in at 7 lbs, every foldable V-Flat includes a polycotton carry tote for even greater portability and protection.

V-Flat World refers to their foldable V-Flats as “the Swiss army knife of light modifiers,” and for good reason. Few photography tools on the market give you this much functionality, and it represents an incredible value.

Option 2: Two XL Duo Boards ($240 Value)

v-flat world giveaway product photography backdrops lighting gear

Product and food photographers rely heavily on clean, visually appealing backdrops. When working on-location, options can sometimes be limited, unless you take your own backdrops with you. V-Flat World’s line of Duo Boards offers the ultimate solution for portable backdrops that work beautifully for food and product imagery. You’ll find a wide selection of hyper-realistic textures available (1000 DPI), and each board includes two different looks. With the two XL Duo Boards (30″x40″) you’d get if you select this option, you’ll have four ready-to-go, large yet lightweight backdrops that will stand up to rigors of travel and make all your product or food photos look professional.

Duo Boards include multi-functional Duo Legs, which allow photographers to use the boards in various ways, including solo backdrops or floor-to-wall setups using two boards. They’re also very easy to setup and clean.

Option 3: Light Cone Kit ($140 Value)

Karl Taylor V Flat World New Light Cone Feature

We recently shared the news of V-Flat World’s collaboration with famed photographer Karl Taylor and the innovative Light Cone their partnership produced. It’s a product photographer’s dream solution for working with highly reflective objects like jewelry, glasses, and more. The kit includes all three sizes of the Light Cone (Large, Medium, and Smartphone), which will allow you to photograph a wide range of products. While the cones look visually similar to those you might see around dogs’ necks, they perform on entirely higher level and they absolutely do the job they were designed to do.

These light cones provide 360-degree light modification, taking the challenge out of working with reflective and shiny objects. The light diffusion is beautifully soft, and you can use any number of lights (natural light, lamps, flashes, LEDs, flashlights, etc.) to dial in the perfect lighting for the object inside the cone. Keep the cones flat when traveling and then assemble them in seconds when it’s go-time. We highly recommend V-Flat World’s Light Cones for e-commerce, catalog, and website photography.

Included with All Packages: One Year SLR Lounge Premium Membership ($348 Value)

v-flat world giveaway

An SLR Lounge Premium Subscription includes access to the training systems we use in our own studio for lighting, posing, marketing, sales, editing and more for real world success in today’s market. Our Premium library houses over 30 workshops with streaming access to 1,500+ HD video tutorials, as well as tons of downloadable resources, including contract templates, PDF guides for business and photography, exercise files, and more.

How to Enter the V-Flat World Giveaway

You can enter using the widget below or by clicking this link. Giveaway ends November 22nd, 2022.

V-Flat World + SLR Lounge Premium Giveaway ($560 Value!)

About V-Flat World

V-Flat World, as the name would suggest, offers premium quality V-Flats, light modifiers, and backdrops. The company got its start when Founder and CEO, Tuvy Lemberg, introduced the first foldable V-Flat in the summer of 2018 in the U.S. Soon after, in 2019, they went worldwide and expanded to international markets throughout Europe and the U.K.  In 2021, V-Flat World introduced Duo Boards, which come in two sizes and provide product and food photographers with hyperrealistic, super portable backdrops. The latest innovation to come out of V-Flat World is the new Light Cone set designed in partnership with renowned commercial photographer Karl Taylor. Light cones provide 360-degree diffusion for reflective objects, and you have to see them in action to fully appreciate how well they work.


Is this giveaway open internationally?

This giveaway is open to US residents only.