Skin retouching can be a complicated process. So photographer Irene Rudnyk is back with another great skin retouching tutorial to help making it a little easier!

Skin Retouching using Only Dodge & Burn

In the tutorial, Irene describes this technique as a bit more of a high-end technique, and a bit more complicated than some of her other tutorials. But not to worry, because Irene walks us through the entire process, every step of the way!

First things first, Irene says it’s imperative to understand how dodge and burn works for skin retouching. “It is quite simple,” she says. “All we’re going to be doing is trying to even out the skin tone by adding lightness to areas that are too dark and adding some darkness to areas that are too bright.”

In the 40-minute video, Irene goes over many things, from removing small imperfections on the face to darkness around the eyes. She goes extremely in-depth on how to fix these imperfections with her dodge and burn technique.

We highly recommend checking out the video, even if you think you’re an expert in skin retouching. You might learn something you new that can improve the quality of your next job.

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