As photographers, it is pretty easy for us to get sucked into talking about our gear, whether to boast about the latest and greatest lens that you just purchased or to rant on how your camera doesn’t do this or that – “This Canon 85mm f/1.2L will produce some of my best images yet” or “if only my camera is a full-frame DSLR.”

It may be a cliche to say, but the most important tool as a photographer really is your vision. I proudly shoot fashion and commercial photography ( with a Panasonic GH3, a micro 4/3 camera. Before that I had another micro 4/3 camera, the Panasonic GH2. I can still produce great images with it because I understand my camera and how I want to shoot my images.

Fotosiamo [] Mad-Men Style Vintage Shoot
Mad Men-Style Vintage shoot by Joe Gunawan |

Useful Photography Tip from The Phoblographer: Develop Your Eye

If you are in a place in your photography where you feel that while you have the equipment, but your images are just so so, then I suggest reading the Phoblographer’s Useful Photography Tip Article on How to Develop Your Eye. The article explores ways to improve your “photographic eye”, whether it is from focusing on what you love to shoot, seeking inspiration, or getting the most out of your current gear. It’s a great short read that I highly recommend, so be sure to check it out.

Additional Ways to Improve

For myself, I think being active in a photographic community, whether it is through a Facebook group or our own SLR Lounge forums, is also very helpful in becoming a better photographer. Sharing and obtaining feedback for your work allows you to not only showcase your images, but to also gain better insight of your work from different points of view. That is one of the reasons we encourage our readers to participate in our Constructive Critique section of our forums.

Finally, be a student of art in general and look at the great masters in not only photography, but also other genres of art. You may find that you can find inspiration from certain painters like Brooke Shaden does. I find inspiration in not only images from the likes of Annie Leibovitz and Art Streiber, but also film-makers such as David Fincher, Benicio Del Toro, and Ang Le. Just watching how they shot movies such as Pan’s Labryinth or Life of Pi can expand your photographic eye.

So what are some of the activities that you do in order to develop your vision?