Reflectors can be used to create stunning pictures without you having to carry around 100 pounds worth of power packs for your strobes. And the best thing about them is: they are affordable. In this video, Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens gives an interesting look behind the scenes at his shoot for Ackermania Creative at the old zoo in Los Angeles. Because his strobe wasn’t strong enough to act as a keylight, he had to bounce light over a corner to light his subject.

One of our writers, Lauri, talked about how powerful reflectors can be awhile ago and I totally agree with him, the power of reflectors is often underestimated.


Jay P. Morgan faced some challenges at his shoot:

  • He couldn’t shoot available light because it was too dark inside the cave
  • The cave opening next to his talent was in open shade and didn’t provide enough light for a reflector

Because the opening next to the model was in open shade, Jay P. Morgan had to double-bounce the light into the cave.



He basically placed another reflector in the sun and bounced the light into the second reflector. By using this technique, he achieved perfect light on his subject.  For the purpose of making the light even softer, he bounced a Photoflex Northstar into the other reflector inside the cave to introduce a little bit of fill light into the scene.



In my opinion, this video is an impressive demonstration of how to achieve stunning images with affordable equipment. What do you think? What would your lighting setup look like in a situation like this?

[via TheSlantedLens, images via screencaps]