We’ve included a few important updates for all of your SLR Lounge v2 users to iron out a few bugs. If you downloaded the theme prior to 6/28/2012, we recommend updating the theme to the current version. For instructions on how to update your SLR Lounge V2 WordPress Theme, please click on our forums.

Here are a list of fixes/updates:

1) Expanded the type styling (Font) options – We’ve added a few more options for font sizes and font colors for the text used on the site. Among other things, we added the ability to change the font color in the drop down menu and added the ability to change the color of the commenter link within the comment system.
2) Added the ability to control the profile border color – We’ve added the ability to select the exact color of the border surrounding the profile picture.
3) Added the ability to hide or show the tags at the bottom of each post – The tags and categories shown at the bottom of each post can now be hidden.

Basic Info