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Upcoming Samsung NX1 Could Be a Darkhorse For Breakout Product at Photokina

By Anthony Thurston on August 28th 2014

We just caught wind of some interesting rumors circulating now about the upcoming Samsung NX1, which is expected to be announced at Photokina in the next couple of weeks.


This all comes with a big helping of salt as it enters too go to be true territory in my mind, but still worth talking about. According to the rumors, the new Samsung NX1 could be the best APS-C camera to come out of Photokina, and that it saying something considering what Canon (and maybe even Nikon) is expected to announce in the 7D replacement.

Here is what we are hearing: The NX1 will feature a state of the art EVF, shoot over 10fps, have best in class – super fast and accurate – Auto Focus, and feature a brand new sensor around 30MP. The body, unlike the trendy products coming out these days, will have a modern design. This camera is meant for professionals, not consumer/hobbyists like Samsung’s offerings to date.

As I said above, this is way into “too good to be true” territory for me. But if the specs are even close to this, or turn out to be what we mentioned above, this could be a huge announcement. Stay tuned for more details, I have a feeling this is one worth keeping an eye on…


What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that Samsung could take the APS-C market by storm with a flagship NX1 aimed at pros? Leave a comment below!

[via Mirrorless Rumors]

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  1. Steinar Knai

    Samsung is the worlds biggest maker of smartphones, with excellent cameras, and a good maker of compact cameras with Android OS and the NX line. Their lens line up is mostly fixes, but they are not bad and if they put out a top spec APS-C body, they would have to be taken seriously. The are there for the long term and they will succeed. Just watch. would I buy the camera? Maybe, just to check it out, but not yet for work.

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    We’l just have to wait and see what Samsung is going to come up with….. I have to say though it may not be easy for them to convince pro photographers to use their line up any time soon

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  3. David Lara

    I hope EVF continue to evolve and eventually make their way to the top two brands. I would certainly prefer this over pop-out/tilt screens

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  4. Steven Lelham

    Samsung tries sticking their nose in everyone’s business

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  5. Phil Bautista

    If Samsung wants their DSLRs to be taken more seriously, they should invest more into putting out better lenses. Maybe they can buy Zeiss or Leica? Or even Samyang?

    | |
  6. Rafael Steffen

    It will be interesting to see if they can come up with an autofucus system that beats Nikon at places with very low light.

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  7. Rafael Steffen

    This is going to be a very interesting Prosumer DSLR.

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  8. Bill Bentley

    This “might” prove interesting depending on it’s MSRP vs the MSRP of the Canon 7D replacement. I can easily see the Canon coming in at $1599-$1799 with a 18-135mm kit lens. The rumors surrounding the Canon are that it will NOT have touchscreen, wi-fi, or articulated display. I’m looking to upgrade from my Canon T3i, but I REALLY like the articulated display. So maybe this will be tempting for me vs. getting the 70D, let alone whatever the 7D replacement ends up looking like.

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  9. Herm Tjioe

    Investing in a new system is not easy on my stomach. I’ll wait a few generations first

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    • Anthony Thurston

      I agree. Plus, Samsung doesn’t have the best lens lineup even for their consumer level stuff, unless they release several Pro lenses along with the body I don’t see any pro photographers making the switch anytime soon – regardless of how awesome the body is.

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    • Austin Swenson

      I very extremely rarely invest in a 1st generation anything, that is unless it’s been out for a while and everyone loves it. Then I might strongly consider it.

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    • Austin Swenson

      I don’t think this will overshadow anything canon will put out, simply because canon is so much bigger and every canon shooter that has been looking for something new has been so hungry for something to come out that the 7D replacement will be all they want to see or talk about.

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