The first image of the soon to be announced Panasonic GF7 has leaked online. The image reveals a classic design, but no built-in EVF.


Yes, that last bit of the opening paragraph really kills this camera for a lot of you, but there is hope. It seems that Panasonic ditched a built-in EVF in favor of an optional one, which while not being ideal, is certainly better than none at all.

In addition to the lack of an EVF, the camera will feature an 180º Tilting Screen, perfect for those selfies that everyone loves to take. The camera will also feature a 16MP sensor and an ISO range of 200-25600. According to all the reports, Panasonic plans on officially announcing the new camera at CP+ in February.

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Personally, I am not a big fan of cameras without a built-in EVF. I like to bring the camera up to my eye and it feels weird not to do that. It’s also why I hardly ever take pictures with my phone, it just doesn’t feel right. 16MP also seems a bit low. I mean, it works for me on the X-T1, but in this market, 16MP is quite a bit lower than a lot of competing cameras.

It will be interesting to see what the GF7 actually has up its sleeve here in a few weeks…

[via Photo Rumors]