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Upcoming Panasonic G7 To Include 4K Video, No DFD Focusing

By Anthony Thurston on May 5th 2015

Rumors are flying, and today we have an update for you on Panasonic’s rumored upcoming G7.


According to a report over on 4/3 rumors, the Panasonic G7 will feature a 16MP sensor, the same one used on the GX7. In addition to the 16MP sensor, the rumor goes on to say that the camera will be capable of 4K video recording, though the bitrate and quality of that 4K footage is unknown at this time.

Sadly though, the new G7 will not feature Panasonic’s DFD (Depth from Defocus) focusing technology. This is a pretty big letdown as the DFD technology is a big reason the GH4 has received such high marks for its AF performance.

We will find out soon enough if these rumors are true, as the G7 is expected to be announced sometime in mid-may. This means we could get an announcement any time within the next couple of weeks.

What are your thoughts on the news that the G7 will feature 4K video, but no DFD focusing technology? Good move, or bad from Panasonic? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via 4/3 Rumors]

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  1. Dave Haynie

    Panasonic seems to be going to 4K as fast as possible. It’s not just the GH4 which, incidently, is going to be better for most shooting situations than a Canon 5D mk III, if still a compromise over a dedicated camcorder (yeah, an AG-DVX200 is an even better choice, if you don’t mind fixed lenses). They put 4K shooting into the LX100 and CM1 point & shoots, the VX870 consumer camcorder, etc. Asking “why 4K video” for any kind of camera today is kind of like asking why everyone was adding HD video to still cameras back in 2010.

    I don’t think 4K is necessarily about seriousness… I was shooting HD for three years before there was much of a viable delivery format for it. That was future proofing and also, I just plain got better SD. If I’m shooting consumer quality 4K today, I can take that 4:1:1 4K down to 4:4:4 HD… as long as the camera’s not making too many compromises (all of the Panasonic 4/3 sensor 4K cameras are shooting 1:1 pixels, no line skipping or other garbage), you will simply have better HD today. And online 4K streaming is at least supported today, it took awhile to HD streaming to that same level of support.

    As far as DFD being left out, the G7 will certainly continue the G-series tradition of being the low-end “DSLR-like” offerings from Panasonic. So leaving that out is offering some separation. Did they need to? Given that it’s entirely a software thing, that DFD profiles are in the Panansonic lenses these days, about the only cost element might be a fast-enough DSP.

    Personally, if I did find I was doing lots more video these days, or had a really good excuse to need 4K, I’d jump to a GH4 in a heartbeat. Then again, I already have the lenses for my OM-D system. I actually shot video on the E-M5II last weekend, in very low light, after about 1500 stills shot that day.. not pre-planned or I probably would have brought the 6D. Surprisingly good results… m43 is still way beyond any traditional 3-chip small-sensor camcorder in low-light performance.

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  2. Austin Swenson

    I don’t know is this is me becoming an old hermit who doesn’t like change or if having 4K in a camera is just a snooze to most people, but I just don’t see much of a draw for the video side in a primarily stills camera… and if you are going to be serious about recording in 4K, wouldn’t you do it with a bit more serious piece of equipment? perhaps that is why it isn’t an option on this model.

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    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I always wonder why it’s the cheapskates and weekend warriors that complain about 4K video and AF.

      Exactly as you say, if you’re serious enough to need to record in 4K why are you shooting M4/3?

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    • Dave Haynie

      Weekend warrior gear-heads were the first to buy HD displays, and some of the first to buy HD camcorders. After all, they didn’t have to wait for any legit business case to get into HD, they just upgraded because they were gearheads. Panasonic seems to be intent on upgrading their whole product line, not just working it from the top down over a decade, the way Canon seems to be headed.

      It’s kind of a “because we can” thing, too. Most of their 4K cameras are using a 4/3″ sensor very similar to that of the GH4 if not exactly the same. So the tech’s already established, and doesn’t seem to cost anymore than other folks’ HD-supporting models. Seems smart enough. I know, if I were shopping for a big sensor P&S, for example, I’d definitely check out the LX100 rather than jumping to a Sony RX100 like everyone else on the planet (they sure do seem to have slot a bunch of these), for the sensor to start with, but I’ve used worse as a “C” video camera when the need arose. I’ll admit a bias — all my post-HDV camcorder gear is Panasonic, and sadly getting a bit long in the tooth since DSLR video got real.

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  3. Lauchlan Toal

    Interesting… Definitely sounds like less of an option for pros, but could be a good b-roll camera.

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