One of the downsides to Fujifilm’s X-Series cameras currently is in the speedlight department. You can fire any manual flash no problem, sure, but the more advanced features like HSS (High Speed Sync), and off camera triggering are painfully absent.


A short while ago an interesting hack came about which allowed you to do HSS with the Nissin i40 speedlight on Fuji cameras. The only catch was that doing this hack removed your ability to use TTL metering, not a huge issue, but an annoyance for sure.

Now, a new report over on Fuji rumors cites a Nissin Rep stating that the company is waiting on Fujifilm to release the HSS firmware update, which the rep says would allow for HSS along with TTL metering.

There is no indication when this supposed firmware update is coming, but it will be a welcome update for sure once it comes about.

[via Fuji Rumors]