I’m the mother of three kids and, unless I’m specifically planning on taking pictures of them on a given day, I generally don’t lug my giant DSLR and lenses around in my diaper bag. I’m also notorious for losing point-and-shoot cameras so, by default, most of our daily lives are documented photographically with my smart phone. While taking pictures with my phone is convenient, I’m always cringing a little at the poor quality of all these snapshots of my kids, which are usually caused by poor lighting conditions and camera shake.

Photo courtesy of Jackpod! via Kickstarter.

When I saw The JackPod!, a small universal smartphone tripod mount that holds your phone by it’s headphone jack, I thought it might be the answer to my blurry camera phone photo problems. Their promo video on Kickstarter is pretty convincing.

I do have a few concerns about this little device. From the looks of things on the video, it seems pretty flimsy and doesn’t look like it would reduce much camera shake if I still have to touch my camera to take a picture. Also, what’s to keep the little plastic piece from breaking off inside your headphone jack? Or worse, damaging the jack from repeated use? Is a $10 gadget worth the risk of damaging my $400+ phone? What do you think? Would you give the JackPod! a try?