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Out of This World Landscape Photography with Infrared Film

By Tuan Tran on December 11th 2013


New York-Based photographer Sean Lynch grabbed his camera and gear to head to Nepal last September, where he managed to photograph some beautiful infrared photos. Nepal is home to eight of the world’s tallest mountains, astonishingly diverse landscapes, and the Annarpuna trek that Lynch embarked upon.

The wide spectrums of pinks in the photographs really seem to work well with the blues and greens in the skies and waters. Kodak EIR film was used for the landscape photographs that he shot in the fields of the Annapurna Himalayan Range.  As digital photography becomes more advanced, compelling film series like these help keep the practice of using film alive.  That way we can avoid the demise of photography legends such as Kodak.  Lynch’s use of color shifts in these infrared (IR) films has formed a unique series of photographs that may have made you see things you wouldn’t have appreciated as much if it were normally colored.

Dive into his pink world  and take a look at these remarkable alien-like landscapes.








[Source: Lomography]

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Tuan is a photographer with Lin and JIrsa Photography, a writer for SLR Lounge, and a freelance wedding and commercial photographer in Southern Cali.

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