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Undrip – A New Free App to Filter a Photographer’s Social Media World

By Pye Jirsa on September 11th 2012


Recently released at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco a new startup company unveiled their latest creation, an App called Undrip.

The creators behind Undrip realized that social media is growing part of each of our lives. However, with all of our friends, feeds, subscriptions and networks this feed of information is starting to become cluttered with information we don’t really care about.

Undrip is a free App that is designed to feed you information in your social media world that is most relevant to you based on your participation and interests as shown in the screen shots below:


While this App is intended for general use, I could think of no group in greater need of filtering their social media than us photographers. From Facebook to Google+ to Twitter, we need to filter our flow! I was lucky to get into the beta testing for the App and it has been awesome, so be sure to check it out!

Check out their website, and grab the app by clicking here or going to the App Store.

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  1. Ricardo Consonni

    Appstore? Who uses Iphones anymore? We want Android apps now!

    | |
    • Cahlan Sharp

      Ricardo, Android is coming very soon :) We’re working really hard on it and it’s coming along nicely.

      | |
  2. Joe Gunawan

    Boo! Gotta wait for the Android version. Looks pretty handy, though.

    – Joe

    | |
  3. mkfiasco

    You can download the app but you can’t use it until you get an invite. I’m not sure if I’m on the waiting list for signing up or if I have to request an invite via FB or Twitter post but either way, doesn’t feel like an impressive start.

    | |
    • Anonymous

      I think it they must be having some scaling issues, they are growing quick, so maybe they limited sign ups again. It should be back soon.

      | |
    • DamFoto

       You can get it by typing in your mobile browser. This will take you to AppStore.

      | |
    • Cahlan Sharp

      Hi, I’m one of the developers of Undrip. Sorry for the invite experience, it’s currently our only way to handle all of the crazy amount of new users we’re getting. We’re working really hard to remove invites altogether and just open the flood gates, in fact if you sign up (“request invite”) it should automatically approve you in within minutes. If you aren’t approved, please let me know at cahlan at gmail dot com so I can get you taken care of. Excited to hear what you think!

      | |