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“Underwater Dogs” Photographer Takes On A New Subject | Pouncing Cats

By Holly Roa on October 22nd 2016

You’ve probably heard the name Seth Casteel by now, or at least heard of his signature project, Underwater Dogs – a photo series resulting in multiple books, calendars, and an abundance of media coverage. Photographer and animal philanthropist Casteel, has just released another book and it might not be what you’d expect if you follow his work.


In his second departure from his canine muses (after giving some human babies the Underwater Dogs treatment, sans tennis ball) Casteel’s most recent project showcases the fluffy ferocity of kittens.  The book that compiles the photographs, “Pounce,” became available for purchase on October 18th and already has an accompanying calendar for 2017. Flying fur balls dominate the pages of the book, with the occasional helpless mewing babe adding variety.

Cats being cats, this book marks his first where the subjects aren’t photographed underwater. They are no less action shots however, and they still showcase his up-close style paired with off-camera flash for a subject that pops. 

A sample of the cuteness contained in Pounce:

pounce-cat-seth-casteel-kitten-holly8 pounce-cat-seth-casteel-kitten-holly11 pounce-cat-seth-casteel-kitten-holly10 pounce-cat-seth-casteel-kitten-holly7 pounce-cat-seth-casteel-kitten-holly1 pounce-cat-seth-casteel-kitten-holly4 pounce-cat-seth-casteel-kitten-holly6 pounce-cat-seth-casteel-kitten-holly9

An important note about the kittens you see here – they were all in need of a home at the time they were photographed.

Much of what Seth Casteel has done with his life and career is driven by his love of animals and desire to help people be good stewards to our domesticated pals. He uses his renown to encourage people to adopt shelter animals as well as volunteer to photograph homeless pets. He has a non-profit called One Picture Saves A Life, and a visit to the website will provide some information on how you can help pets in need. It features instructional videos specific to photographing shelter pets –  although they appear to be geared toward people with little prior photography knowledge, they still offer some valuable tips for more experienced photographers on interacting with animals to get the best possible image.


Some parting words from Seth on nature’s cutest predators:

“1.Adopt a cat from your local animal shelter or rescue group. And don’t stop at just one. Adopt two! Cats are social creatures.

2.Spay and neuter your cats to help reduce overpopulation in shelters.

3.Never declaw your cats. Your cats need claws in order to be both healthy and happy

4.Play with your cats every single day. You are helping them get exercise, relieve boredom, build confidence and become even better friends with you!”


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Seattle based photographer with a side of videography, specializing in work involving animals, but basically a Jill of all trades.
Instagram: @HJRphotos

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  1. Ross Forte

    wow these are amazing, Love your work

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  2. Pye Jirsa

    K, this couldn’t be more adorable. What great images.

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