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Underwater Bullet at 27,450 FPS Creates Mesmerizing Imagery

By fotosiamo on July 23rd 2013


The bullet explodes out of the underwater AK-47, creating a series of gas bubble shockwaves that eventually implode on themselves before exploding again several times. Although this moment barely last a second, the incredible Phantom v1610 camera allows us to witness the phenomenon at an incredible 27,450 frames per second.

In order to record the underwater footage, Destin from Smarter Every Day and the the Slow Mo Guys created a reverse underwater periscope that allows the Phantom camera to view underwater while staying dry by the pool side.


This goes to show that just like macro photography, high-speed photography makes the world around us even more incredible.
Thanks to Gizmodo for the find

Besides the cool high-speed photography, there is a lot of science behind the physics of the bubble blasts (cavitation) and Destin goes over what occurs in a very easy to follow manner.

If you want to see how a handgun and a revolver bullet travel through the water, check out this video by Destin’s co-collaborators, the Slo Mo Guys:

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