Steve Perry is back with another great educational video, this time aimed at photographers looking to get the most out of the AF on their Nikon camera.


AF modes are something that many photographers simply do not understand. Many leave it all on the factory default settings and never touch it again, but to realize the true potential of your Nikon camera in regards to AF, some customization can go a long way.

In his latest video, Steve Perry goes in depth on Nikon AF modes, and how he sets up his Nikon AF to best suit his needs as an action and wildlife photographer. The information shared is not just for Wildlife/Action shooters, though, Steve goes over all of the settings and explains what they do, so you can easily go into your Nikon menu, and better customize the AF to your own needs. Check it out.

You will find similar settings in your Canon and other manufacturers menus as well, but the actual names and where to find the settings will be very different from this video. Don’t let that stop you, tweaking your AF settings can have a profound impact on how your AF works for you.

What setting/tip in this video stood out the most to you? How do you have the AF setup on your Nikon camera? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Steve Perry]