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Sony Bringing Uncompressed RAW to A7 II




It was great news when it was announced with the A7S II that Sony was finally adding uncompressed RAW to the A7 series of cameras. A few weeks ago, a new firmware was released bringing that new functionality to the A7R II, and now we are hearing that it will be coming to the A7 II soon as well.

According to the new press release, sent out by B&H (which is kind of odd), the A7 II will be getting a new firmware update on November 18th that will, among other things, bring the uncompressed raw functionality to that camera body.

The other big piece to this firmware update will be the inclusion of phase detect AF for adapted lenses (something that previously was not possible on the A7 II). This is big news for A7 owners that have been thinking about doing the upgrade to the A7R II or A7S II in order to gain access to the improved AF and uncompressed raw functionality.

Just to repeat, this news is coming from B&H not directly from Sony.

Nikon APS-C Lens for Mirrorless Patent Discovered


All of the talk recently has been about Canon’s mirrorless future, but now it seems that it’s Nikon’s turn. The Nikon rumor mill has discovered a new Nikon patent detailing a new APS-C lens for a mirrorless camera.

We still don’t have any solid rumors on Nikon’s plans for a more serious mirrorlress camera offering than their 1 system. This patent would seem to indicate one of two things: either they are leaning towards producing a new APS-C based mirrorless camera, or they have decided to start producing lenses for one of the other APS-C based mirrorless systems (highly unlikely, in my opinion).

Pros will always prefer a full frame system, so one has to wonder about the choice to produce an APS-C based system when they already have the consumer-focused 1 system. But it is possible they are looking for a way to better compete against Canon’s EF-M system now that its clear Canon is going to be putting some effort into that arena.

But, as mentioned above, on the off chance that this is Nikon producing a lens for another mirrorless system (again, highly unlikely in my opinion) there are really only two options: Sony E (not FE) mount or Fuji X mount. The interesting piece to that is that Nikon has pretty good relationships, historically, with both of those companies. Obviously, Nikon gets many of their sensors from Sony these days, and in the past, they have had dealings with Fuji in regards to lenses and their CLS system.

So there is a history there of working together between both of those companies. Again, I don’t really see Nikon going into the third party mirrorless lens production business. But it would be quite a story, wouldn’t it?

Two New Sony APS-C Mirrorless Coming Soon?


The A6000 successor is being released, then it wasn’t. There were going to be two cameras; then there was one. Then it was going to be released again, and then it wasn’t. Now we are back to this two camera rumor.

That’s right, the Sony rumor mill has received a ‘fairly credible’ rumor alert that Sony will not announce one, but two APS-C E mount cameras in the next couple of weeks. The A6100 (or 6500) and an A7000.

At this point, we don’t have any word on specs, pricing, exact announcement dates, or even what the difference between the two cameras will be. Again, I am to the point of  ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ in regards to these Sony APS-C E-Mount camera rumors.

That said, I am curious what the difference between these two cameras would be, if they are what is coming. Maybe a lower resolution more general purpose one, and a higher resolution more specialized one? It worked for the A7 series, but who knows what Sony has in store for us.

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