There are few words to adequately describe Alexa Meade’s style of photography – stunning, unique, extraordinary – they just don’t fully describe Alexa’s visual imagery. A blend of painting and photography, Alexa’s live models blend seamlessly into the flat background of her portraits. In a previous article, we’ve seen some videos of Alexa’s work, painting her models into the background, using a variety of mediums, including milk.

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In this series, “Art on the Streets,” the 26-year-old artist paints her live models as monochromatic stencils against colorful, graffiti covered walls, making her models look almost 2 dimensional. The result is an incredible juxtaposition of life meeting art in front of a camera.

alexa-meade-grafitti-1alexa-meade-graffiti-6alexa-meade-graffiti-3 alexa-meade-graffiti-4 alexa-meade-grafitti-2 alexa-meade-grafitti-5

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