Take a moment and think of a time where you felt passionate enough about an issue that you just wanted to just drop everything and dedicate yourself to that cause. It’s a nice idea, but how many of us actually commit to following it through? Martin Usborne, a UK photographer, has dropped everything to travel the world and save all creatures great and small.

Usborne began his ‘A Year To Help‘ project after becoming fed up with loving animals but not doing anything to save them. He even refers to himself as a ‘failed’ animal lover because he loves pigs, yet eats them and loves cows, yet wears them on his feet. The aim of his project is to see what happens when an average man drops everything and follows his heart.

He says:

“Deep down, beneath layers of inaction, laziness and half-chewed steak I really care . And now I’ve taken 365 days off to see how many furry creatures I can help. Even unfurry creatures.”

Over the past 342 days, Usborne has drawn attention to injustices involving intensive animal farms, animals as illegal contraband, badger hunting and ivory amongst a plethora of other issues. This determined photographer gets close and personal with these issues to show the world what it tries to ignore.

Although there seems to be an endless amount of horrible things happening to animals worldwide, people like Usborne show that it is possible to make a difference, even if it is a small one. It is a touching story of one man following his heart and not being afraid to care.

If you are curious about Usborne’s photography, have a read of Anthony’s article on SLR Lounge about his recent ‘Nice to Meet You’ series. Don’t be shy to share your thoughts below!