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One of the greatest ways to be the most productive and efficient in Lightroom is taking advantage of all their incredibly time-saving shortcuts. In this quick tutorial, I will be showing you two shortcuts that will help you check your edits before delivering them to your clients.

Checking for Clipped Details

One of the most important things to make sure when you go into editing your images is that you’re not clipping your highlights. By clicking the “J” on your keyboard, this enables Lightroom to display the clipped highlights in red and the clipped shadows in blue. Once you begin to edit, you can continue to use this shortcut to check if your image details are being blown out or crushed.

Checking the Before Image

The quickest way to go back and check what your image looked like before any of the edits you made is by clicking the backslash button “\”. Using this shortcut will help you immediately go back to your original image to see if there are any edits you may have missed.



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