SLR Lounge has seen a lot of growth here over the last year, and we are so proud to be a location that many of you frequent on your daily internet travels. In an effort to help increase interactivity and create an even better sense of community we have been looking into ways to better connect with our readers through our various social networks.


Twitter is one of the social networks that we have mostly neglected, it is easy to setup our posts to automatically post to twitter and just forget about it, but the problem with that is little to no interaction and our twitter feed ends up being a glorified RSS feed. We want to change that, there are 30,000+ of you on twitter who follow us and we know there are more who would if we gave them a reason. Starting this week we will be implementing a new twitter strategy to bring more interactivity between ourselves and those of you (the readers) on twitter. Take a look below to see if what we are doing interests you, and if you have not already please take a minute to follow us on twitter!

SLR Lounge Twitter Initiative – Fall 2013

Goal: To increase interactivity on twitter through social interaction with readers and growing the SLR Lounge community. 

In addition to simply being more active on twitter beyond our normal post links we wanted to do a few things on a weekly/regular basis to really give you all a reason to let us grace your twitter feeds. We have a few ideas we are going to try out below: (if you have any ideas please feel free to comment below and let us know)

Ask The Lounge – Have a question for us or the SLR Lounge community? Tweet us your question with the hashtag #askthelounge on Tuesdays and we will answer all the questions that we can.  This is a community hashtag as well, so your question can (and will) be answered by members of the community who follow us and that hashtag as well.

Friday Funnies! – We have been posting “Friday Funnies” on the site for a while now, and we have been looking for ways to open it up to you all to submit your funny photography related images/memes/jokes. Tweet us your funny images/memes/jokes with the hashtag #fridayfunny if your submission gets us to laugh you might find your image/meme/joke featured in our Friday Funnies post!

Contests, Giveaways, & Special Deals! – Ofcourse, who would we be if we did not run some twitter specific contests here and there. We do not have any scheduled right this minute, but follow us on twitter to get the scoop on our upcoming twitter only contests and giveaways to win neat prizes like discounts to the SLR Lounge store,  and free stuff!

Well, that is what we have planned up to this point. We are open to suggestions as well; if you have an idea for things we can do on twitter to be more interactive with you all then please leave a comment below and let us know!