Who doesn’t love a good DIY project? Especially one that saves you some money using items you may already have in your garage or will have as soon as you make a quick trip to Home Depot.

The following tutorial gives step by step instructions for building a 2-axis cable cam for your timelapse photography and real time video needs. Using the Syrp Genie Motion Control Timelapse Device and your DIY roller platform, you can get some pretty cool aerial shots.


Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 6.09.04 PM

The Genie was a very successful Kickstarter project a few years ago, raising over $600k (their goal was $150k). The device is used for motion control and image capture for film and timelapse. It is a favorite among filmmakers and timelapse photographers because of it’s size and ease of use. You can program the Genie and it magically does it all – turns, slides, pivots while taking the photo for you. It will set you back a cool $900 though, but from what I hear, it’s worth it.

Turns out the company is giving one away to “the best DIY cable cam rig we lay our eyes on. Simply post a photo(s) to your Instagram feed and tag @syrp_ #syrpdiy.” So, watch the video and get to Home Depot ASAP!

[Via Syrp on Vimeo]