Have you ever wanted to just keep a visual journal of your life down to the minute? Me either, but in case you answered yes then you need to take a look at this new Memoto camera. The device is a small lapel-esq camera about the size of an SD card that clips to your clothing. The catch is that every 30 seconds the camera snaps a picture, which is then sent through the company’s software and is added to your lifeblog (yes that is what they are calling it).


Let’s set the privacy concerns aside for a moment and take a look at the price of this sucker. According to the developers this little camera will run you a cool $279! Sure it is small, has a battery that will last two days, and is sort of a neat concept – but $279… ouch. If I am being perfectly honest I do not see this catching on with most people for that reason, the price is outrageous.

Now let’s hit on the obvious privacy issues of this device. Not everyone wants to be in pictures, and you walking around with one that you have no control over is not going to make those sorts of people happy at all. Not to mention employer who will no doubt ban this device from being used during work (Can you imagine if some dumbo in R&D wears this into the lab, lol) – hence defeating the purpose of the camera since you are supposed to wear it everywhere.


Like I said, I think it is sort of a neat idea. But nothing more than that. There are just too many issues with what I have seen of it (price, privacy). What do you guys think?

[via Engadget]