One of the biggest jokes in the photography world the last couple of years has been the Hasselblad/Sony rebrands. Products like the Stellar are quite literally reskinned Sony products at laughable markups.


You wouldn’t be alone if you found yourself liking the look of a few of these Hasselblad reskins, but you would be among the minority if you decide to fork over thousands of dollars on them. If you have an RX100, RX100 MII, or RX100 MIII, Fotodiox has a new budget option that essentially gives you the Hasselblad stellar grip, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than getting the Hasselblad.

The new wooden grip from Fotodiox comes in at just under $60; not a bad deal if you are a fan of the grip on the Hasselblad Stellar, but not on its price. The process of putting it on your RX100 M3 is easy as pie too, as the video above demonstrates.

The one downside appears to be that this modification is a permanent one. The adhesive on the back of the grip will forever attach this wooden grip to your RX100, meaning if you decide later that you don’t like it, you are out of luck.

You can learn more about, or purchase your own copy of the new wood grip from Fotodiox over on their website – here.