I’m in limbo right now, having sold all my Canon gear, and am waiting (not too) patiently for my Fuji gear to arrive. In the meantime, I’ve gone back and read all the Fuji related articles I can find. Trying to learn a whole new system is really like learning an entirely new language- similar to when I went from PC to Mac.

[REWIND: You can read my Fuji X-T1 review – which caused the switch – in this article: FUJI X-T1 GRAPHITE SILVER EDITION REVIEW |WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS…]

After switching camera brands, comes the tough decisions of figuring out which lens to purchase. Before all this, I had my heart set on a Canon 85mm f/1.2 as my next lens, so now what? Or more accurately, which? I could beg B&H to send me all of them to review, but then I’d have to not only write a crapload of articles, I’d probably want to buy them all and then I’d have to get another job to afford them…all that seems way too time consuming for me.

So how do people decide which lens they want to buy? You could ask around, read some reviews and rent a few to test out, but where do you start…and when does it end? Well, let me suggest a starting point. A Redditor posted this website which is a pretty cool resource to allow you to check out each of the Fujinon X-series lenses one by one, virtually.


You can chose any of the 14 lenses in their lineup, the focal lengths for the zooms and the aperture, then click ‘Capture,’ and you’ll be able to see a sample image from the same outdoor scene of each lens/setting combo you choose.

Fuji-X-series-lens-website-2 Fuji-X-series-lens-website-1

All images are taken with the X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition (my camera!). Even though it only shows one image and that’s no where near enough info for you to decidwhich lens to purchase, it’s still fun to play around with.

The website is in Swedish, so thank goodness for Google Translate! If you have a few free minutes, check out the site here. And if that still doesn’t geek you out enough, check out the video below on how Fuji makes their lenses.