TriggerTrap has released a new Flash Adapter that opens the world of High Speed Photography to the average joes of the world. Combined with the awesome TriggerTrap Mobile App (Available on iOS and Android) the new flash trigger allows you to control the flash from your smartphone just as easily as your camera.

The app has a response time of just 5 milliseconds to trigger the flash, that is a whole 45 milliseconds faster than the average DSLR’s shutter lag. This makes high speed photography that much easier for you and I do accomplish, no need for fancy laser triggers. Just pick up this new adapter and combine with TriggerTrap you have yourself a pretty decent high speed photography setup.

The flash can be triggered by a variety of sources, including vibrations and sound, which are measured by the connected smartphone.

At only $30 for the flash attachment it is really a no brainer if you have even just a passing interest in high speed photography. I should note that if you don’t already have the TriggerTrap mobile app that it also costs $30 (for the App and Camera Specific cable). Even still, $60 is still a great price for this sort of technology.

Quick Clarification: The TriggerTrap Mobile App itself is free. But you need to purchase the $30 camera specific cable in order to use it with your camera. If you JUST want to use this new flash trigger adapter then you would only need to purchase the $30 flash trigger.

If you are curious about this new Flash Trigger from TriggerTrap you can learn more about it and purchase it directly from the TriggerTrap website.


I am seriously considering picking this up so I can play around with it. What are your thoughts? Is this a good tool for wanna be high speed photographers? Let us know in a comment below.