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‘Traveling Cars Adventure’ | A Global Road Trip With Vintage Toy Cars

By Hanssie on April 30th 2014

Like the #mytoyplane series we featured a few days a go, these miniature toys are seeing more adventure than I am these days. ‘Traveling Cars Adventure’ is a photo series by 22 year old Swiss photographer, Kim Leuenberger. Kim is a student in London and is studying photography at the University of the Arts.

A few years ago, Kim received a DSLR for her 19th birthday and so she took all the toys she had in her room into the garden to use as her models. She posted the first picture she took, a blue minivan and Paddington Bear on Instagram and the response was so great, she ended up taking the minivan everywhere she went. Eventually, she ended up getting a red Vespa in Tuscany, and a yellow Beetle in Catalunya as subjects in her photographic journey.


Kim estimates that she now has a “huge” collection of vintage toy cars scattered all around. She uses mainly her iPhone for the photos these days since she’s busy being a student and a commercial photographer, but is compiling a book of the cars, an exhibition and is selling individual prints (of which you can purchase on her site directly). She’s also traveling with her cars, of course. She tries to travel once a month, or at least discover a new place each month, and go abroad 5-6 times a year. Each time, through careful thought and planning, she brings with her a selection of her cars.


Kim-Leuenberger-1 Kim-Leuenberger-3 Kim-Leuenberger-4

Kim loves vintage things because,

they had a life and want to tell you their stories, and that’s what I want to transmit with my pictures, I want them to tell a story.

This project has helped her become a more confident photographer. Without this project, she says, she probably would be studying to be a pharmacist and sitting in a lab all day. Now she travels the world, just her, a camera and a suitcase full of vintage toy cars.

Kim-Leuenberger-5 Kim-Leuenberger-6 Kim-Leuenberger-7 Kim-Leuenberger-9 Kim-Leuenberger-10 Kim-Leuenberger-11 Kim-Leuenberger-12 Kim-Leuenberger-13 Kim-Leuenberger-14 Kim-Leuenberger-15

You can see more of Kim Leuenberger’s work HERE.

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  1. Graham Curran

    An interesting and well-executed project.

    | |
  2. Servando Miramontes

    Love this!

    | |
  3. Jacob Jexmark

    Loved these! :)

    | |
  4. Raoni Franco

    This is nice. This is nice and funny, making it interesting. Love the use of colors and dof. This got me wondering……how I over think my ideas…….and by doing that, how many possibilities get lost in the air. This project is simple, but…..but……it is a project!! Something that holds just fine as a body of work, of art, with style and vision. The “serious photographer” inside me tried to convince me that these were just silly photos…….but the same “serious photographer” didn´t produce anything as fresh and cohesive as this in a long time. I think this is related with youth, and I´m not talking about age.

    | |
    • Ironymous

      Projects like these look deceptively simple but getting it right is the 97% of photography that happens off camera. I remember once taking shots of toy robots trying to make them look like they were in a movie but ended up looking ike, well, toy robots. These are well executed.

      | |