Traditional 40’s Pinup Photos With Models Wearing High Speed Milk

October 9th 2013 2:18 PM


London based photographer, Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, has created a 12 month calendar inspired by retro calendars from the 1940’s pinup girl. Except the girls aren’t wearing clothes, they are wearing milk. Very fast milk.

lightroom-presetsFrozen with high speed strobes, each photograph is layered from hundreds of photographs of splashes on real models using real milk. And each of the images were taken around the world at his various workshops and seminars.

Getting inspiration from iconic images from artists like Gil Elvgren, Wieczorkiewicz takes up to 200 frames to complete an image. Then the frames are layered in Photoshop and mixed seamlessly to complete the dress.



The 2014 calendar will be available for purchase next month. You can see some more of Wieczorkiewicz’s work on his website, Aurum Light, where he showcases various concepts using liquid illustrations. (Note: Some of his images do contain nudity, so it’s NSFW)

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(Via @DIY Photography)

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    Damn! This is awesome! Really creative :)

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    Travolta McMilkies

    OH SO Cool, Drippy & Beautiful, love it.

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      yeeaahhh the best way to get some milk, yum yum

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    Kevin Stoohs

    What kind of post production work was involved here? Surely these milk splashes didn’t fall this perfectly. Yes, these were beautifuly shot to mimic 40’s pin-up style, but I think most of the magic happened in Photoshop. I’d love to see a follow up post of the work that went into the post production files.

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      yes photoshop was deff used post production. theres actually tutorials online with these splashes. same techniques used also with women in the images.

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      Mike Olbinski

      They said it in the article…hundreds of shots layered together in Photoshop :) I mean, that’s what was done :)

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      Masterful Photoshop work. Unique concept. Now how about you do it with some hunky guys….hmmmm?

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      Of course it was Photoshopped, do you think they threw milk over these naked girls?
      You want to see post production files? I think you just want to see some boob!

    • 1

      Seriously, JC, dude, look at the 2 black and white photos where they are *literally* pouring milk over the models!

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      Here we have a classic case of not reading the article before commenting.

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      Mackie Jean Photography

      They explain it in the article. Hundreds of takes of the milk poured is grouped and layered for each picture to create the dress.

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      Getting inspiration from iconic images from artists like Gil Elvgren, Wieczorkiewicz takes up to 200 frames to complete an image. Then the frames are layered in Photoshop and mixed seamlessly to complete the dress.

      You didnt even read the article

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      Whats wrong with just enjoying them.Why do you have to analyze it.

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      read the article before you post questions that are clearly explained. “Wieczorkiewicz takes up to 200 frames to complete an image. Then the frames are layered in Photoshop and mixed seamlessly to complete the dress.”

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      The article reads, “Frozen with high speed strobes, each photograph is layered from hundreds of photographs of splashes on real models using real milk.”

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      JR Salazar

      JC, if this is your lame attempt at trying to troll us here, I’ll be the first to let you know you suck at it.

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    The whole package- creative, unique, new, nostalgic, beautiful, simple, alluring, and fun. Hats off and thanks to Jaroslav for creating something so enjoyable.

    @Kevin- no doubt tons of post involved, but I’m not sure I want to know just yet. For now I’d like to just enjoy the art.

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    “””Getting inspiration from iconic images from artists like Gil Elvgren, Wieczorkiewicz takes up to 200 frames to complete an image. Then the frames are layered in Photoshop and mixed seamlessly to complete the dress.”””

    Not sure if that was added after your post though?…

    Regardless of any photo shopping though, this is still quite amazing…

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    Evyl Robot Michael

    I guess it’s true. Milk actually does do a body good.

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      It looks to me like the bodies are doing the milk good…

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    Loved every bit of it. We should talk one day. When I was Photography Director at New York magazine in it’s glory years, I had to come up with a cover for the annual “Summer Pleasures” issue. Every year, I did a “take” on Vargas, who created the Vargas Girl for ESQUIRE. Christie Brinkley, Vendele, Heidi – and the best gifts. THEY WERE HUGELY SUCCESSFUL. YOU’RE IS A TOTALLY ORIGINAL AND ASTONISHING ART. I SALUTE YOU. Nice, that we draw inspiration from a similar font, though you brought it to a new high. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! BRAVO!

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    Can i see the post processing? Or the behind the scene Video? Thanks You so much.

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    Christine Hunter

    What imagination! This is by far d coolest, prettiest , purest form of photography. I would love to own d calendar. Please let me know how n where can I get one. Congratulations to d artist. U r one of a kind! Awesome!!!!

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    That is a brilliant concept. Cheers! ~

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    Miss Nettie

    This is amazing work & beautiful images. As a pinup girl myself, I love it!

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    Apiwat Butter Flavour

    I would like to know , who splash the milk ? model or production team ?
    Love your work Thanks

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      try looking at something in the pictures other than the models…see the old guy with the pitcher??

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    Amanda Hill

    This is really awesome…looks like a ton of work! Not only from the photographer but also the models, hair and makeup, styling, etc. Love it!

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    Amazing, but I was hoping to see some chocolate milk, or even strawberry milk dresses as well

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      didnt you see the milk being poured on the black model?

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    KrisD Mauga

    Holy shit this is awesome!

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    Daryl L. Hunter

    Stunning work and good god, what an effort – fantastic

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    Black Milk

    Milk really does do a body good

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    Lady Ann

    Incredibly cute, clever & creative! Wow! I love the concept. I guarantee we’ll be seeing a lot more from this photographer. What a talent! Congrats!

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    m young

    The women look like art, but they look as real as the milk. To me, this is art, but not photography. They are more shopped than the splashed of milk. Flawless, maybe, but only as a cartoon.

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    while I like the pics, I don’t like the wastage of food. hundreds of layers means lots of gallons, while people are starving on our own streets is quite decatent

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      Yes I am with you. The calf was cheated out of all that milk or the children could have used it. The pictures are beautiful however some sort of other milk resembling material should have been used not to waste the real stuff. Lets be sensitive!
      The photos are fantastic!

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      That’s all you took away from this? Good grief.

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      um, yes

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      Simply Amazed

      Shane don’t give a hoot about starving children as long as he can get his rox off *smh*

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      Dairy industry doesn’t spare any expense when there are dollars to be made…

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      If you watch any of the photographers BTS videos you’d see he doesn’t use that much milk. There’s a bucket under the model that collects the thrown milk for reusing. More food was probably wasted at the craft services table.

    • 1
      JR Salazar

      Andy, you’re adorable. Go on…

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    This is certainly technically amazing, but irritatingly objectifying (and as one person mentioned, an incredible waste of nutritious matter).

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    Amazing pictures but if it’s real milk it’s a shocking waste of a food source.

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      I had a mid-sized (1000 people) conference last week. About a third of the food served at lunch remained unconsumed and had to be destroyed as it is considered a biohazard (and rightfully so). We are talking about food in excess of 50 kg per lunch. This is one conference buffet lunch at a single event, in a country smaller than New York State. This happens at every event & hotel buffet breakfast/lunch/dinner around the planet, every day. Supermarkets also report that they destroy about 10-30% of their stock every month because of expiry dates. A conservative estimate would be that we throw out food for over half a billion people because of short term logistical issues that cannot be overcome using present technology in the present social-economic environment. So a hundred liters of milk (if it was real milk indeed) for an art project is simply the question of investment rather than a social/environmental issue.

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    Love it! Really creative, my favorite is the one with the film — wouldn’t mind having that dress in fabric LOL

  24. 1

    Outstanding, what a great concept, amazing execution!

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    I leik milk.

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    Clark Deal

    Truly amazing.

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    It is hugely original idea. Yes its a massive waste of milk. Heads up kids, when people notice details about how resources get used they are thinking with an environmental head on. It might feel like being a killjoy but this planet is more amazing inspiring and exciting by nature that anything we dream up and we are destroying the planet because the desire the be endlessly entertained outways the desire the take some care. Milk comes out of living creatures, by all means drink it if you think it best but mass food production changes the landscape and environmental balance. If they were liquifying money and pouring over women i would expect more outcry about waste (someone who needed it could have benefitted!) But money only stands in for actual resources….and while your at it clever artist lady we dont need any more pictures of skinny ladies looking like they have been cummed on and are loving it. Go make a real contribution with that talent.

    • 1
      Jim Y.

      You had me at “… pictures of skinny ladies looking like they have been cummed on and are loving it”. Now I know why I like this artwork so.

    • 1
      Lori Henry-Walnoha

      Wow! Really? Always a downer…why don’t you put your energy into chastising your government about waste. That would be a “real contribution”. You could start with the payout to the congressional widow to the tune of 176K with your tax dollars, who is already worth 60 million! Think of all the “milk” that would provide to poor children around the globe. Leave the artist alone.

    • 1
      Lori Henry-Walnoha

      P.S. Those tax dollars come from “living creatures”!

    • 1
      Curtis Boswell

      “We don’t need”…. Really? Sounds pretty judgmental comment to me… and it’s merely your opinion. Pardon me, while I yawn… because your “opinion” is important, WHY? I think that the artist does indeed have significant talent, and considerable skill, at producing a fun, and rather highly erotic “naughty but nice” effect, with their photographic effort. Some of us DO find this entertaining…but being entertained isn’t a crime, nor is entertaining someone. I think that every person, who has bitched, whined, bellyached, griped, groused or groaned, about the “shocking waste of milk” in this photo collage’s making? Has no CLUE…about the shocking waste of food, in the grocery, restaurant, Hotel, and ESPECIALLY the convention industries. If you’ve ever attended a convention, at a hotel….or even stayed at a big name hotel….you’d be amazed at how much food is wasted on a DAILY basis…never mind annually. This amount of “wasted” milk…(to produce these photos) is literally a “drop in a bucket”. If you are so very concerned with the plight of starving children, “Morethanmeetstheeye”…. perhaps you should get up off of your pompous, pontificating and self righteous ASS…and go DO something about it, rather than sitting in judgement of someone’s artistic contributions to entertainment. I enjoyed the pictorial, and thought it tasteful, and well done. BRAVO!

    • 1
      JR Salazar

      What’s next, morethanmeetstheeye? A song and dance about the Tea Party? Cry some more. Somewhere else, mind.

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    Jim Sullivan

    Au lait!
    Now do it with fire.

  29. 1

    Holy Cow!

  30. 1
    Jack Goldsmith

    Remarkable work. How many layers does it usually take on average? How powerfull is your strobe? The coverage is so smooth and seamless.Excellent project all around. What focal length were you working with?

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    What I find most striking is the difference between the models in the originals and in these photographs. These models are half the size of the pinup girls. Moreover, this is probably after Photoshop has been used to blur out their rib lines. If the artist really wanted to mimic original pinups, he should have used sexy women who actually resemble the body type of the pinups. The photography is beautiful and I applaud the craftsmanship, however I am held back by the pairing of “1940’s pinup” with size 0 women. Just a thought. Beautiful photographs, though.

    • 1

      Oh YAAAAAWWWWWN. Paleeeese. Give. Me. A Break. Yes PS is used … It’s a fantasy! Sheeeez. I’ surpised you didn’t go on a rant about bare breasts. And yes, likes and dislikes change over time. Who knows, maybe one day fat and obese people will be desirable again.

  32. 1

    We just need some flour, eggs and the cake is ready !

  33. 1


  34. 1


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    Paulo Machado


  36. 1
    Paulo Machado


  37. 1

    Wow, these are beautiful. You should make these into a pin up calendar. I’d buy it.

  38. 1

    Awesome, what about the men ?

  39. 1

    Got Milk? I have the cookies… Absolutely Sensational Creations On Most Gorgeous Women.

  40. 1

    like others said. beautiful work but I wish you would have used real ‘pin up sized’ women. The lack of curves diminishes the work.

  41. 1

    this is really crazy and inspiring work how do they managed man
    really amazing work man
    hats off to you

  42. 1

    Please let me know when calendar is available

  43. 1
    Mark Greenmantle

    That is fantastic work!

  44. 1
    Jeonghun Lee

    one of the most unique photography i’ve ever seen!! superb~~~

  45. 1

    Rip off of Christophe Gilbert

  46. 1

    This is truly awful. Yes it might be technically amazing, but really?? Women made to look like plastic dummies and milk taken from a creature that should have been giving nutrition to it’s young calf. What a blatant example of the crass stupidity of today’s so called ‘artists’.

    • 1

      did you think it mite be out of date milk that was not for sale or the fact that photography milk is not always real milk used

    • 1

      Oh my goodness, there are more than one of you? They. Are. Supposed. To. Look. Like. That. What a blatant example of the crass stupidity of today’s uneducated and philistine.

    • 1
      JR Salazar

      GTFO feminist.

  47. 1
    Ro Mu Hyun

    That’s so interesting. Let me one speaking? Ya~~~~feel so good!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 1
    Victor Saymong

    I am totally drinking this with my eyes!

  49. 1

    I’d like to see that done with Vodka :-)

  50. 1
    Gwynn Alcorn

    Very unique and I salute the photographer and special effects person, but non of them can hold a candle to Marilyn Monroe.

  51. 1

    Whoa this is crazy beautiful.
    I’ve never wanted a calendar … until now.

    Ahaha love how bizarre the title of the post is, too. High speed milk? Ahaha.

  52. 1

    How come no white mustaches ?? I guess I’ll just have to use my imagination …

  53. 1
    Emily West

    These pictures are gorgeous, but I can’t stop feeling horrible for the forcibly impregnated cows whose newborn babies were taken away from them so that people could take this milk. I am against everything to do with the milk industry, but it is especially grim to see it just wasted. Couldn’t you have done the same thing with some kind of mixture of cornstarch and water or something?

    • 1

      Oh shit . . . there is always one, isn’t there.

    • 1

      Cows eat corn and drink water. We shouldn’t waste cornstarch and water on photography.

    • 1
      JR Salazar


  54. 1

    Amazing stuff!
    I have seen these pictures many places around the web and always been stunned about the work. By everyone involved in the picture. Must be hard on the model as well standing still for so long.

  55. 1

    Which one is April?

  56. 1
    Shannon M

    How many cows had their babies dragged away from them at birth – how many calves went to the veal crates – for this wastefulness? Shame on this artist.

    • 1

      What a nonsense! Have you ever been on a dairy farm? The baby cows do get milk of course. It’s just because the cows are milked every day they keep giving milk. long after the baby stopped drinking it.

    • 1

      Nope, there are at least two. Get a life, you left wing trendy lesbian greenies (woops – I forgot half-wit).

    • 1

      I’m with you, Shannon M… It’s a disturbing portrayal of how we turn a blind eye to rape and mistreatment of cows.

    • 1

      Shame on you for self indulgent righteousness.

    • 1
      JR Salazar

      No politics. This isn’t CNN.

  57. 1

    Yes the work is very good, the artist I am sure spent hours editing and shooting for these images. The images are very sharp and I will give him creativity. What about context?
    This was produced by a man, therefore we are viewing these images through the male gaze not the gaze of a woman. This is completely sexualized and gives into stereotypes.
    For example the African-American woman is wearing a bandana, which is symbolic of “The Mammy” which is a stereotype African-Americans have to live with that white people created for them in the period after slavery.
    Also why milk?
    I just wish today’s culture would challenge stereotypes instead of reinvent them.
    Just the thoughts of a 22 year old female art student.

    • 1

      You have a LOT to learn for an art student, good heavens, what are they teaching you? These kind of comments bore the hell out of me.

  58. 1

    Am I the only one who noticed copious amounts of rock hard nipples? I’m not complaining just making an observation ;)

  59. 1

    Had I seen that milk was this “appealing” I would have never ran away from it as a child. Going to show this to my boy (one day maybe)

  60. 1

    How is this admirable? Is anyone aware of the atrocities of the dairy industry? Dresses made from the secretions of raped, abused, suffering, and murdered animals. Alright. Nice work.

    • 1

      Another. Go away. Paint a sign and stand on some street corner but please, do not hang out here.

  61. 1
    Paul Krol

    Awesome concept – well executed – great job.

  62. 1
    Gary Miller

    Totally Awesome – Amazing – Awe-Inspiring – Just wow.

  63. 1

    This is pretty cool, though some are a wee bit too edited but still rather cool!

  64. 1

    My mother used to say – dont play with the food.

  65. 1
    Holly Stone

    These are BEYOND fantastic!!! Beauty in each girl…the art, the body paint, the hair-dos and makeup,the props,THE TIME! My goodness, i cant stop looking at them:) So, something i would LOVE to model for;)

  66. 1

    What a waste of milk…

    • 1

      What a waste of space . . . (that area between your ears)

    • 1
      JR Salazar

      What a waste of a post. Speak for yourself.

  67. 1
    Matt Stewart

    Possible cover for new Bridget Jones Dairy book?

  68. 1
    Peter tosh

    This is sickening and disgusting…. milk is for baby cows and that is all….. very poor taste and great exploitation of animals!

    • 1
      JR Salazar

      Shouldn’t you be playing reggae music rather than hanging around here, brah?

  69. 1

    Pretty gross considering milk comes from raping cows, artificially inseminating them repeatedly so that they’re always producing milk (which is for the calf–which is also stolen away from the mother)… Really really grim.

    • 1
      JR Salazar

      Do you even agri-business? Welcome to humanity in the 21st Century.

  70. 1

    You know what milk is right? breast milk…for a baby cow…what a disgusting waste for the sake of “art”
    Shame on you

  71. 1

    Very cool post. Just note please that it’s ’40s, not 40’s. The apostrophe is in the place of an elision, not used as a plural. Just trying to help cure grammar blips one post at a time, cheers. :)

  72. 1

    You should do the same with men – now that WOULD change the world!!


    • 1

      What’s stopping YOU from doing it Jenny? If that’s what you want, you do it.

  73. 1

    Although Jaroslaw’s work with milk is amazing he never gave the deserved credit to the original creator of this technique, Andrey Razoomovsky. Jaroslaw learned this from Andrey in a workshop in Poland in 2010, since then he’s been doing this this succesfully around the world and giving himself workshops about milk, but never adressing the credit for the idea and the creation of this technique to its true author.

    • 1

      Which part of what he’s doing hasn’t been around for ages, way before 2010?

  74. 1


  75. 1

    I absolutely love pinups and the idea is really cool.

  76. 1

    Sei semplicemente FANTASTICO !!!!!!

  77. 1

    Wow, what everyone else said!

    Very creative and beautiful! Nice work :)

  78. 1

    Ugly girls for pin up look. They had to pick more authentic looking models with pale skin – ginger/black hair…Dita Von Teese for example would be better. Maybe even tattoed pin up models.

  79. 1

    This would be awful for the models. To be repeatedly splashed with milk… I hope they were paid very very well.

  80. 1

    stunning art work and timeless images and the time it took to complete the master pieces well done
    im loving the pin-up style congratulations on a inspiring art work .

    and to the milk haters

    milk has a expire date people it could have been out of date and watered down stores throw away loads of it daily do get over it

  81. 1

    What if, some models were lactose intolerant? Where are those pictures?

    • 1

      LOL, maybe the whole lactose-intolerant/vegan/tree-hugger issue would have stopped if they had used soy milk instead… but the crystal white dresses would have become a boreing opaque beige… meh.

  82. 1

    Why does one person with a bunch of fake names and an axe to grind on a completely unrelated agenda have to hijack this post?

    Amazing photomontaging. Thank you for the treat.

  83. 1

    Why yes I am absolutely certain that cows were raped just because of this one art project… sheesh I need to make up some bumper stickers to annoy the cow rape crisis crew posting to this page-I’m with PETA; People Enjoying Terrific Art

    • 1

      It is a fact that the dairy industry forcibly artificially inseminates (i.e. rapes) cows once a year because they need to give birth to a newborn annually to continue to produce milk. This project alone is not the problem, but it does glorify milk and milk does come from terrible cruelty.

  84. 1

    These pictures are beautiful, but from the comments, I can only say one thing: There is no use crying over spilt milk… HAHA! :P

  85. 1

    You know….I don’t recall “throw milk all over hot models” being listed at the job fair when I was in high school. And you’d think that photographer guy could keep it at least a little warmer in his studio…those poor girls…

  86. 1

    I love reading posts after articles like this. It shows just how stupid humans are.

    • 1
      JR Salazar

      Me too. It’s so much fun to go after the naysaying nutjobs on the Net.

  87. 1
    Emma Richardson

    I think this is one of the most innovative photo shoots I’ve seen in a long while! Bravo!

  88. 1

    Fake! Totally photoshopped. I’m kidding this is awesome stuff right here!

  89. 1


  90. 1

    Simply ground breaking. Creative minds never sleep.

  91. 1

    Realy awesome! creative

  92. 1

    I agree that these photos are beautiful, but they are also really sick. Human women are being sexualizedand objectified while covered in liquid that forcibly came from the bodies of commodified, exploited female cows.

    Cows are mammals just like humans. They have a nine-month pregnancy. They only produce milk when they give birth. They would naturally only produce enough milk for their young. We have bred them to produce 10x more milk than they naturally would, which is very painful for them. Their young are typically taken away within 48 hours of birth. Mothers often scream for their young for weeks. But if the young drinks the milk intended for them, that leaves less for humans to profit off of. The males become veal. The females eventually replace their mothers. The mother goes through the heartbreak of having her baby taken away each year for about four years. Then her body is exhausted from all the milking. She is “considered” spent and sent to slaughter. Her whole life was miserable.

    That is why these photos are sad. I would hope a critical artistic audience would look at the implications behind the photos because art cannot exist in a vortex; there is always a context.

    • 1

      What the..???????

    • 1
      Farm girl

      Wow Rachel – grow up – go eat some hay with your vegan buddies and leave art for those who enjoy it. The photos are beautiful and amazing. Cow raping and the beef industry should be discussed in a different forum.

    • 1

      Holy shit, you are fucking pathetic. Please leave.

    • 1

      Back in the day, the wandering communists used this kind of linguistic vomit. They didn’t really understand what they were saying but felt the need to spew it forth anyway. Just about everything you say speaks of uncultured ignorance and regurgitated rubbish. Go away.

    • 1
      JR Salazar

      Oh Rachel. You know this isn’t an environmental discussion board or CNN, right? Go take your agenda there.

  93. 1


  94. 1

    Incredible work, you are to be commended!

    For those wining that it objectifies women etc. etc, why don’t you pick up a camera and objectify men? Although you won’t hear them complaining, at least you will feel you got even.

    For those worrying about cows and calves and the waste of milk and … go away. Please don’t bore the rest of us with that rubbish. If you want to, make a sign and stand on a street corner.

  95. 1

    like this, great picture to see

  96. 1
    Photography Directory

    These are fantastic! Speed it is all about. Very inspirational.

  97. 1
    Jasmine Renee

    Oh MY!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! These are fantastic!!! I love the originality within the traditional. I am a transgender woman so clearly an original within the traditional myself. Thank you for your work, these are absolutely delightful :)

  98. 1

    this is the first time I have really enjoyed milk since becoming lactose intolerant. very cool, very creative and crazy smart use of technology.

  99. 1
    JR Salazar

    If you don’t like good art like this, one word: #Tough.

  100. profilePic800.jpg14
    Chuck Eggen

    So much goes into this. The photos are spectacular.

  101. 1
    Jesper Ek

    Just great!

  102. 11898520_10155888893255640_468929312594435178_n.jpg3
    Jamie Leeming

    Amazing! Such an awesome idea. :D

  103. fotodonatas 1200px.jpg11
    Donatas Vaiciulis

    Just amazing! looks so tasty, very original!

  104. 25
    Joseph Prusa

    Amazing work!