Totally Rad! today announced they have released a new “HD” version of their popular PicTapGo app specifically for Apple Ipad devices. Just as with PicTapGo, PicTapGo HD allows you to view real-time previews, layer filters, control their strength and save custom edits.

Only with PicTapGo HD you have all of those abilities on a much larger screen. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand editing images on my phone, even with simple editing via filters. I just don’t feel like I can see the image well enough. But with a tablet that is not a problem, I can see the image clearly and really see what the filters I am applying are doing to the shot.

Of course with the added screen space there is also an added price for the App, but luckily for you it’s only an extra $1 over the original Iphone version.  You can learn more and download it now from the Apple App Store.

screen480x480-2 screen480x480-1