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Topless Women Take on New York | Uncovered by Jordan Matters

By Jules Ebe on November 5th 2013


Photographer Jordan Matter is no stranger to setting up unusual scenes in the middle of the busy streets of New York. His humorous series Athletes Among Us and Dancers Among Us were a huge hit, but he didn’t stop there. In connection to a book project, Matter spent 6 years featuring women taking to the streets, completely bare-chested. Uncovered: Women in Word and Image is comprised of 80 volunteers of different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities. Luckily for the brave volunteers, it is not illegal to take to the street au natural in the city of New York.

Author Susan Seligson states in the forward:

Breasts are an inexplicably big deal. Whether hidden under layers of clothing, half-revealed in the service of fashion (and flirtation) or laid brazenly bare, breasts matter. They demand response, provoke moral questions and force confrontation with the very notion of taboo.

You won’t get any arguments from us here.

Many of the women also contributed to the text with their own experiences, reactions, and thoughts on the project. Uncovered celebrates the beauty and controversy that surrounds the female body. It is the journey of self-acceptance when ones own body is considered taboo.

[ rewind: How the Female Nude Went from Beauty Ideal to Taboo {NSFW} ]  

Uncovered: Women in the Word and Image






But before you think this is only about the female form. Matters is donating ten percent of the profits from sales of Uncovered merchandise will benefit the Somaly Mam Foundation, a nonprofit public charity committed to ending sexual slavery in Southeast Asia and empowering the survivors.

Now that is dancing naked in the rain for a good cause.

Until Next Time . . .

Stay Inspired ~ Jules

[via So Bad So Good]


is a Southern California based Conceptual Artist and Photographer. Her work has been featured in several print publications and selections can be seen in local gallery exhibitions. Connect with her on Facebook and Google+.

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  2. Jacques

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  4. Angela

    Honestly? This feel like someone fancied taking fairly dull images of nekkid women in NY and then tried to crowbar a political theme around it. Discussions around women’s bodies are hardly rare, and there is little empowering about self referring yourself as a pair of breasts to be stared at – not least when a male photographer is asking you to do it. Needs more thought.

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  5. GeorgeWashington

    Equality? Yeah sure! Look at those photographs taken from the behind and not the front.

    One question though. How does exposing breasts make anybody equal?

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    • Peter

      For many centuries and to this day: oppression, attack, abuse, rape and murder of women have been blamed on the way they’re dressed. Exposing the body part that’s “responsible” for so much suffering just for having it is telling the world that even if a woman chooses to walk around topless, NOBODY has the right to harm her in any way.

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