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On Top of the World: Making of the One World Trade Center Panorama

By Hanssie on March 8th 2014

One World Trade Center. Its very name brings to Americans a flood of emotion, memories of fear, sadness, a lost of innocence. Walking through the WTC memorial in New York City with hundreds of others, the eerie silence is permeated by the sounds of soothing water from the dual fountains.  When I was last in NYC, One World Trade Center was partly completed, its massive frame towering over and above the rest – a reminder of strength and perseverance.

Standing tall at a soaring and symbolic 1,776ft (the year the Declaration of Independence was signed), One World Trade Center is one of the tallest buildings in the world. TIME magazine gained access to the top of this towering building to give us a bird’s eye view from the top of the world.


photo by Jonathan D. Woods and Michael Franz/TIME

Partnering with Gigapan, the magazine created a 360 degree photo panorama from the top of the building. As you can imagine, this took the work of numerous people. It was an 8 month process which the initial concept drawn on a bar napkin. The final result was a 13-ft.-long aluminum jib attached to the base of the beacon on the top of the spore of the tower. A Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon 100mm F/2 lens was attached to the rotating arm.



In September 2013, over a 5 hour period, 567 pictures were produced and stitched together into one gigantic zoomable image. A look at the fascinating process of it all can be seen here in this making of video:

The One World Trade Center will be open to the public sometime this year. But for now, you can enjoy the view from up top. Way up top.

via TIME

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