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Top 5 Sling Bags for Your Day Trip Adventures Under $100

By Anthony Thurston on March 27th 2015

We all love the big roller bags for carrying our entire kit to the job, or for traveling long distances. But let’s get real, you are not going to take a roller bag, let alone your entire kit, on a day trip to a local state park, or a photo walk down the streets of your city.

So, we all need a good, small bag; something that you can put a camera, maybe an extra lens or two, and some accessories for those day trips where you don’t need everything. Today, we are going to be going over the best options for sling bags for your day trip adventures, so that unlike me, you don’t have to buy a ton of bags to find the right one.

These bags are in no particular order, just these are the top 5 options, in my opinion.

LowePro Transit Sling 150 AW


Currently, this is my go to bag for day trips. It allows me to fit my Sony A7 II with a lens attached, as well as one or two extra lenses, and some important accessories (extra batteries, extra memory cards, my tablet, etc).

My biggest complaint with this bag, in particular, is that you have to put a rain cover on it to protect your gear fully from the weather. I live in the Pacific Northwest; torrential downpours (i.e. rain) is the cost of living in this beautiful region. Having to put an extra rain cover on can be annoying. That said, I love everything else about the LowePro Transit Sling 150 AW as a day trip bag. It’s under $60 at B&H too, so it’s also a great fit for your wallet.

Just as a side note, if you prefer to carry more with you than I do