In the last 7 days, our YouTube has been full of some pretty awesome new tutorials. If you missed them, first, you should stop what you’re doing and subscribe to the SLR Lounge YouTube Channel so it doesn’t happen again. Then, continue reading to see our three most watched videos of the week.

1. Introduction To The Tone Curve – Lightroom Image Processing Mastery Workshop

Lightroom is one of those things that took me a while to learn when I was just starting out. The overwhelming amount of tools and buttons, shortcuts and presets made me feel like I was learning a new language. One of the things I wish I had early on was short video tutorials like the one below to help me along. It’s an excerpt from the Lightroom Image Processing Mastery Workshop v5 found in the SLR Lounge store. A lot of people might be confused, or they might be intimidated by how a Tone Curve works, but it’s really quite simple. The Tone Curve is a powerful tool that can be used to make advanced tonal adjustments on your image, and when you understand the basics of the Tone Curve then you can utilize it in your post processing workflow. Check out the video below:

2. Canon 70-200mm vs Zooms at 100mm – Canon Lens Wars Episode 14

If you’re unfamiliar with our Lens Wars series, we’ve been testing 25 Canon lenses valued at over $40,000 dollars starting from 17mm to 300mm focal length. This past week, episode 14 was a favorite where we covered the zoom/telephoto lenses that cross the 100mm focal range. The following lenses battled it out.

Check out which lens came out on top in the video below:

3. Edelkrone PocketSHOT Gear Review

We love gear and we are always on the lookout for some cool new stuff to play with. In this video, Pye looks at the Edelkrone PocketSHOT – a versatile and extremely portable stabilizer for video. The PocketSHOT can be used as a mini-stand, a shoulder rig, a monopod, and really anything else you can shape it into. Check out Pye’s review with the help of his other new toy, Google Glass.