This week, we are highlighting the 3 most popular SLR Lounge’s YouTube videos on of all time. If you don’t subscribe, head over to YouTube so you don’t miss any awesome content! All 3 videos are oldies, but goodies.

The most popular (by far) video on our YouTube channel since we began is:

1. Creating Professional Photography w/$30 Reflectors

In this video, Pye shows the exact reflector lighting techniques that we used to pull off every shot that we took in the popular SLR Lounge iPhone Photo Shoot.

However, this time Pye uses the Canon 5D Mark II along with a Canon 50mm 1.4 Prime Lens. Check it out!

If you want to master natural light, we recommend that you check out our Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop DVD, available now in the SLR Lounge store.

2. The Ultimate Lomo Effect Photoshop Tutorial – Creating Lomography from Digital Photography

Read the article HERE.

Lomo Photography or Lomography has gained quite the cult following in recent years. And it’s no wonder. These little Lo-Fi cameras, such as the Lomo LC-A, produce some really cool and compelling images. Aside from the Lo-Fi look of the Lomo, the other main feature of Lomography is the cross processing of the Color Slide Film.

We have broken this tutorial into two distinct parts.

In Part I, we identified the steps we need to turn our digital images into great looking Lomo style images. Specifically, those steps are:

Distinct Features of a Lomo Photograph
1) Cross Processed Colors
2) Increased Saturation
3) Blown Highlights/Clipped Shadows
4) Heavy Vignetting
5) Film Grain
6) Sharp Center/Blurred Edges

So, let’s get on to the good stuff and actually create our Lomo image in the Photoshop video tutorial below.

3. Ordinary to Extraordinary – How to Develop High Key Images in Lightroom 

Read the article HERE.

Post production is such a large part of the artistry behind the photographic process. While Pye is always telling photographers to “Get it Right in Camera” knowing post production, and having a vision for your final product, will help you to create shots when you may not have the time and tools needed to get the shot perfect in camera.

In this Lightroom video tutorial, Pye is going to show you how to create a clean high key backlit image from a simple RAW file that was shot over an unclean background. Prior to editing the image, we will briefly discuss some camera settings that you will need to use in order to achieve this type of shot and effect in post production.


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