New to Photoshop? Lightroom? Maybe Capture One Pro? Shooting portrait work and fumbling your way through retouching? Here’s the thing, there are mistakes you will make as you learn, plain and simple. If you haven’t done at least 6 or 7 of these 10, I would be genuinely surprised. Retouching after all, can be tricky to master!

But come on, we’ve all done it. And maybe you’re doing it right now. Maybe you haven’t even gotten to this point. But after all these years of (at first) making all of these mistakes, I’ve seen the same ones happen over and over again as new photographers venture into portrait retouching.

And that’s fine; we all have to kinda suck at first. But if you’re wondering what I recommend avoiding in your retouching workflow, here are 10 things Nino Batista puts at the top of the “never ever ever” list.

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Here are the Retouching Mistakes To Avoid That Nino covers

  1. Over Saturating
  2. Over Sharpening
  3. Haloing & Filters/Plugins
  4. Red Hands, feet, fingers, etc
  5. Glowing Eyes
  6. Fake Camera Blur
  7. Black Vignettes
  8. White Vignettes
  9. Not Zooming to Check Details
  10. Blurred Skin

Personally, I can attest to have making pretty much allllll 10 of these mistakes. I’ve even purposely left those old original shared images up on my instagram just as a reminder for myself of what not to do, and a refresher on how far i’ve come with my work, and well, still have to go! How about you? Are you guilty of any of these mistakes? Care to share any of your old images with them made in the comments below?

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*Video shared with permission from Nino Batista