Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 4.45.09 PM When I first started in the wedding photography industry, my thirst for knowledge led me to various popular photographers and sites (like this one!) and fstoppers. I would spend hours scouring the sites, watching videos, reading and then taking my camera out to put into practice what I learned. I was fortunate to also have my own wedding photographer take me under his wing and tag along to a number of his studio’s 200 weddings a year so that I could learn hands on from the trenches.

One of my most difficult tasks was to pose grooms. In their monkey suits in the middle of 100 degree weather, the last thing the groom (and groomsmen) wanted was me to make them stand and look GQ-ish for my camera. I had to know quickly how to approach the guys, pose them so that they wouldn’t seem awkward, hot and bored and get them back to their beers and football games in the sanctuary of the grooms room in record time.

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I’ve always admired Jasmine Star and her approach to shooting and life and now she has released a short video detailing how she poses guys/grooms for a photo shoot. Lots of fun little tidbits to gather here in this little over 4 minute video:

For those of you who do not have the luxury of an awesome mentor like I did, the guys over at fstoppers have a solution for you. Their How To Become A Professional Wedding Photographer DVD is a 14 hour tutorial is a comprehensive resource on everything it takes to create compelling wedding images as well as the tools needed to start and run a successful wedding photography business.

And of course we have our awesome Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop by SLR Lounge and has been designed from the ground up to teach photographers a simple and systematic approach to capturing professional natural light couples photography.

Happy Learning!