This is our daily deals report where we will feature a deal, or deals, that we think you should know about.

Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8


Tokina lenses are known for their rugged build quality and stellar optical quality, and this 11-16mm F/2.8 is one of the lenses which earned them that reputation. This lens, in particular, is a popular choice for astro and landscape photographers looking for a wide lens that is good in low light.

Right now you can grab the Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 for just $589 from B&H; a good deal on a great lens.

VisibleDust Quasar Sensor Loupe 7x


As a professional, making sure that your gear is clean and in good working order is vital to your success. Depending on your location and the conditions that you shoot in, sensor dust can be a real concern on some jobs. Nothing is worse that getting home to find that you have some killer shots that are unusable without many hours in post-production removing dust that you could have prevented prior to the shoot.

Enter the VisibleDust Quasar Sensor Loupe 7X, a tool that any photographer should consider. What the Loupe does is allow you to see even the smallest specs of dust on your camera sensor. This can save you countless hours in the processing room that you could be out shooting or enjoying time with your family. The best part is, it is also on sale today only for just $47 via B&H’s deal zone while supplies last.

Think Tank Retrospective 7


Probably my favorite shoulder bag on the market right now is the Think Tank Retrospective series of bags. These bags look great, can be used for more than just camera gear, and are low key enough to pass for a regular bag – making them less of a thief magnet.

The Retrospective 7 is a great bag for when you need to carry some gear with you for the day and also need to grab a laptop or tablet. It is on sale over on B&H right now for just $109, making it a killer deal.

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