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Tokina ATX 24-70mm Lens Availability Announced

By Anthony Thurston on May 9th 2015

Tokina officially announced their new 24-70mm F/2.8 Full Frame lens back at CP+ 2014, and we are finally learning when this new lens will be available.


According to a new Tokina release, the Canon version of the new ATX 24-70mm F/2.8 PRO will begin shipping in June, with the Nikon version coming in July. There is no official US pricing announced yet, but the lenses will be available in Japan for 150,000 yen or roughly $1250.

Prices rarely convert that simply, so the US price will likely be somewhere around or below the $1250 mark. You can keep an eye on the prices over on B&H, and once they are updated you can get your pre-order in right away.

It is interesting to me that it has taken over a year for Tokina to get this lens from announcement to release. In this day and age of quick turnaround, it is odd for a company to let virtually all the buzz around an announcement dissipate before releasing the product.

What are your thoughts on this news out of Tokina? Are you going to be ordering this lens? What do you think about it taking so long for the lens to be released? Leave a  comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Photo Rumors]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Jesper Ek

    Yes let’s see some test first..

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  2. Greg Townsend

    The lens does seem a bit pricy. It’s close to the price of a new Nikon 24-70mm, one of the best lenses Nikon has ever made, and that is going to be very difficult to match.

    | |
    • robert s

      how are the prices close?

      tokina 24-70 2.8 $1250
      nikon 24-70 2.8G $1900

      and the nikon is not “one of the best lenses Nikon has ever made, ” it may be a great lens IQ but its mechanics suffer from a know zoom stiffness issue

      | |
  3. Stephen Velasquez

    Let’s hope they are not using that old school clutch AF/MF switch not cool.

    | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Yes, they are using it still. That’s a bad design, but they’re sticking to it. Tokina is never a leader in the industry.

      | |
  4. David Faulkner

    Too late! I just bought the Sigma equivalent, Nikon fit.

    | |
    • robert s

      the sigma 24-70 2.8 HSM is no performer. every 28/24-70 2.8 sigma made to date was a bad performer. no contrast and very soft shot open and to at least f/4.5

      I owned the 28-70 EX and the 24-70 DG and they were horrible and not useable even at 2.8 or 4

      look through this video and realize the huge difference in IQ to what the tamron can do. yes the tamron is $400 more but you get huge bump in IQ and VC. so it performs decently for an $800 lens. but even then id buy the tamron 28-75 2.8 for $500 over the sigma.

      im hoping 2015 will be a year for a 24-70 and an 85 ART

      | |
    • robert s

      these are images coming from the mfr so Im always a bit leary on how untouched they are but those 2.8-4 shots look very impressive.

      still for $1250 it needs to really outperform the nikon as the tamron is that price with VC and its an excellent performer.

      | |
    • Derek Schwartz

      Robert, I concur about the Tamron version. I own it in a Canon mount, and it’s a stellar lens – probably 75% of all my shot are with that glass. So, to have the Tokina be nearly as much, it would have to be a stellar performer…

      | |
    • robert s

      @ Derek Schwartz
      the tamron is a fantastic lens. and the stabilization is the best in the business IMO

      “So, to have the Tokina be nearly as much, it would have to be a stellar performer…”

      from the images, it looks stellar. look at the image of the rusted gate. looks really good. then I looked at the image of the buckets of flowers and it looks suspicious. the blur looks off, the bokeh looks busy. so not sure yet what I think of it.

      It has to be on the same level as the nikon for it to be a worthy seller, otherwise for $1250 id easily get the tamron which has a huge advantage for using vc with video footage.

      their 70-200 f/4 lens sells for too much already. come down from space tokina

      | |
  5. Mads Helmer Petersen

    Not for me at first as I have the Canon 1st edition of 24-70 mm. But if this unspecetedly should perform fantastik then I might try it out……

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  6. J. Dennis Thomas

    Tokina seems to be getting a little proud with their pricing strategies. Definitely wouldn’t touch this lens for more than $800.

    | |
  7. Paddy McDougall

    Wouldn’t be for me as I have the canon l mk i version, however, if I didn’t I would need some idea of performance before going anywhere near this as a good second hand canon would be around this price. Feel that tokina need a bit of a makeover similar to sigma art lens which marry style and performance.

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