Age is just a number. As I get older, I seem to utter this adage more and more as I fight off the telltale signs of aging with my little pots and potions that have promised to ward off the inevitable. The fight against looking my real age starts with makeup and ends with Photoshop and in the following series, this also holds true.

For a New York Times article titled, “What If Age Was Nothing But a Mind-Set?” commercial photographer/illustrator Zachary Scott transformed 6 toddlers into senior citizens. Using makeup, hair, prosthetics and retouching by Amy Dresser and Electric Art, Scott and his team channeled the old souls from these adorable kids, turning them into little grandmas and grandpas.


zacharyscott10From the wiry gray hair/receding hairline, to their postures and grumpy old man expressions, the detailed images depicts each 3 year old as a mini version of their future, sprightly octogenarian selves. The use of props and the flowered wallpapers also add to the effect, making these images the perfect accompaniment to an article on the topic of reversing our mind’s perceptions of aging.

zacharyscott5 zacharyscott6 zacharyscott7 zacharyscott8 zacharyscott9

To see more of Zachary Scott’s work, visit his website here. Scott is represented by Sharpe + Associates.

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