Today our own Pye Jirsa joined Marc Silber’s Advancing your Photography Podcast to have a “fireside chat” covering everything from where he started, how to manage your time for both personal & professional development, balancing work and family, some marketing tips, to a whole plethora of behind the scenes, tips, and tricks on how to improve your photography! They even take the last section of the live podcast to hold a Question and Answer session with viewers covering anything the audience wanted to cover. You’ll definitely want to watch this episode

Who is Marc Silber?

Marc Silber

Marc Silber is the author of the #1 best-selling book, Advancing Your Photography, an award-winning professional video producer, photographer, and photography educator who has been successfully working in the field for decades. Marc combines his passion for the visual art of photography with his love of life

Photography is more than an art form; it is a way of life and a culture that embraces life as you grow. I wanted to provide you with some of the points that I believe in that will help you in advancing your photography. At the end of the day, I want you to take photographs that you love. – Marc Silber

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