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Tips for Shooting Street Style Fashion and BTS London Fashion Week

By Jules Ebe on September 25th 2013

© Getty Images/Kirstin Sinclair

© Getty Images/Kirstin Sinclair

Getty Images photographer Kirstin Sinclair photographs the style on the streets at London Fashion Week. Needless to say, Fashion Week in New York, London, LA, Millan, and any other trend-setting city is the perfect time to hit the streets and get same great images of the newest styles. Sinclair also gives a few quick tips on shooting street style when you are out in about in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, or your own neighborhood.

So if you don’t know what Street Style Photography is – take a look and enjoy.

Street Style at London Fashion Week 2013

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Tips for Shooting Street Style from Kirstin Sinclair

  • I think it’s always important to be aware of the environment you are shooting in with street style you don’t want a background that distracts, clashes or overtakes in your final image.

  • The direction of the daylight is all important with street style photography so I like to keep an eye on how it changes throughout the day and how I can use it to create a unique image from dappled light to back light by thinking ahead, and whenever possible asking people to stand in just the right place to photograph them you can achieve so many different effects.

  • Street style should be about a person’s style and also character once I have chosen a good spot to shoot I often allow people to pose how they most feel comfortable and then ask them to vary their position slightly if I can’t see enough of a bag, shape of a shoe.

For more tips or to check out more of Sinclair’s work, visit Getty Images’ blog here.

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[via Getty Images]


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