Ah, the ideal client. You know, that seemingly elusive, perfect client that not only looks darn good in all photographs, at any angle, but the one that makes you look good and makes your job easy. No one wants a bride-zilla (or client-zilla), after all we love what we do (usually) and working with the people we want to work with makes this job even better.

So how do you attract this rare creature that doesn’t balk at your pricing, is easy (and fun) to work with and raves to all their friends about you? They DO exist. There are three things you can do today so that you can find and book your ideal photography client tomorrow – or even better, they will find you.


Three Quick Tips On Finding {And Booking} Your Ideal Client

1. Know WHO Your Ideal Clients Are

You might be rolling your eyes at this point, but you’d be surprised. Before you can find and book your ideal photography client, you need to know WHO they are. Rich people who will pay me obscene amounts of money to photograph them is the incorrect, or rather, incomplete answer.

Before you can find your ideal client, you need to know who they are. Sit down with a piece of paper and write out not only the outward lifestyle of the client you want, but his/her inner thoughts as well. Sound too new age-y? It’s not, relax. In addition to the typical questions: what they do for a career, what type of car they drive, where they go on vacation, how many kids they have/want, where they shop, how old they are, etc, you need to consider their thought processes.

  • What personality type are they? Are they spontaneous? Are they planners? Do they value people’s opinions (in the form of reviews?)?
  • Are they independent? Are they leaders? Are they followers?
  • What are their priorities? What do they value? What are their needs?

Booking-ideal-clients-2The more you know and understand who your ideal clients are, the better you can set up your marketing to cater to their wants and needs. This also helps in creating that connection with them when you do book them and begin working with them to solidify a lasting relationship with them.


2. Tell Them Who Your Ideal Clients Are

The key to life is communication. And the way to let people know who your ideal clients are, is to tell them. Shout it from the rooftops (okay, so don’t actually shout it, your neighbors might get mad), but start talking about it. Talk about it on your blog, mention it in your About Me section, cater your blog posts/Facebook posts to your ideal client.

For example, in my business, my ideal clients are the ordinary people who love a little glam in their lives. My clients are middle to upper middle class people who love life with a little sparkle. Right off the bat, my tagline reads, “for glamorous everyday people.” I want the bride that loves to dress up and sip champagne at a swanky party, looking like she just stepped out of a fashion mag, but that same girl loves to kick off her stilettos and don a pair of sweats (couture ones, of course) and grabs a beer while watching college football. Therefore, my blog posts and social media threads highlight not only my Vegas trips – VIP style, but my rooting for my favorite football team and eating pizza as well. My ideal clients are also go getters, business savvy and are not only looking at world domination, but to change the world for the better. I try to include these traits in my blog and Facebook posts so any potential perfect clients can relate.


I also try to personalize my initial inquiry emails and infuse them with a bit of my personality. Once, I booked a client because I included a quote from “Beer Fest” in our initial communications (it just fit). She called immediately and started laughing, telling me how Beer Fest was her family’s favorite movie. She booked right on the spot.


3. Be Where Your Ideal Clients Are

This doesn’t mean turn into a creepy stalker and hang out at country clubs just hoping to give your business card to a potential client. But if your ideal client shops at Whole Foods and loves to eat Pinkberry, you should probably do the same, at least from time to time. If your ideal clients love superheroes, perhaps you should go to Comic Con. I’m not saying you’re gonna go and pass out business cards, but you could go, post a bunch of pictures on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, blog about your experience and have something relatable to talk to your potential client about at your initial consultation.

This same tip applies to your online presence as well. Look on your list and figure out where your ideal client spends their time online? Is it reading Business Insider? Is it on a forum talking about video games? Is it on a blog for runners? Figure it out and go there.




When you find the right clients, your job becomes easier, more enjoyable and often times your business relationships turn into friendships. Your clients will love you and can’t help but rave about how great you are to all their friends.

Who are your ideal clients? And what are your best tips on finding and booking them? Comment below.