A Message from Pye and Our Team: In Response to COVID-19

25 Sep 2020

Here are some useful bride and groom posing tips:

  • Take some time to know the couple – meet them before the shooting and get to know their personalities and preferences. This will help you choose the poses that will best represent them.
  • Static poses – popular static poses that you can recommend are the hand-in-hand strolling, standing side by side, intimate looks, kisses, groom standing behind the bride, and groom carrying the bride.
  • Dynamic poses – for spontaneous action shots, you can go for a swinging pose, where the groom swings the bride or gently dips her backward while making eye contact.
  • Creative poses – for example, the symmetrical pose looks awe-inspiring against a charming background.

Quick Recap: Tips for posing the bride and groom

  • Take some time to know the couple
  • Static poses
  • Dynamic poses
  • Creative poses