Have you ever seen a picture of food that just makes you drool? Have you ever tried to take pictures of food, but can’t get the result to look appetizing? Then you need to check out this great blog post over on Bumble and Light that is full of great tips to improve your food photography.


In the post author Rebecca Sims talks about some key things regarding food photography, including light and planning your shots ahead of time. Another great tip is to photograph the process of making the food, it can add more interest and you can use it as a neat photo story.

I have always wanted to try out food photography, mostly because I – like most people – have food in my home so there is always a subject waiting to be shot. Personally I have never tried it because I am not that great of a cook, the few things I am good at cooking are Chicken and Steak but I have yet to be inspired by anything I have cooked it photograph it.


After reading this blog post though I am thinking that I should just plan a meal around a photoshoot and try out some of the tips. Who knows, maybe using these tips even my terrible cooking can look good.