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Tips on Capturing Romantic Portraits of Couples with Tamara Lackey

By Paul Faecks on June 6th 2014

Tamara Lackey is one of the world’s leading family and child photographers. She’s also author of several bestseller books on the topic of photography. In addition, Tamara  is also an official Nikon Ambassador and in this new Nikon Behind the Scenes video, Tamara will show you how to shoot great romantic photos of couples.

Using creative posing and lighting, Tamara gives tips on how to capture a couples “true personality and love” in this 4 minute video. And for more tips on posing and couple interaction, check out the SLR Lounge Natural Light Couples Workshop DVD.


Here’s a short list of the gear Tamara uses:

Tamara starts with a stripbank, illuminating one side of her subjects. In this first setup, she uses the ambient light as a fill. She then adds a fillcard to fill in the shadows even more for a more pleasing result.

After she has the basic required shots, she continues by experimenting with different components. Tamara adds a battery-powered fan to add a little bit of movement to the hair. Vollbild_05_06_14_17_14Later on, she has her subjects sitting on the ground in front of the wall with a reflector right in front of them to create some nice-looking catchlights in their eyes. She gives these tips and more in her video.

What do you think about this series from Nikon? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to leave your thought in the comments below.

[via Nikon, images via screencaps]

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  1. Lee

    Keep in mind, flash pops are often not caught by the camera because of the short duration (the video is only capturing 30 frames per sec). But I agree; the photos lack creativity and originality and the lighting is boring.

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  2. Robin

    This is a joke, the flash does not even fire on some shots, poor posing, no understanding of the inverse square law and why is she even using flash with that superb light coming through the windows.

    | |
    • Edgar Pereira

      I completely agree! When you read “one of the world’s leading family and child photographers” in the first line, plus the fact she is a Nikon Ambassador, you expect something great. Disappointing, boring, dull shots! I’m not the best photographer in the world but I can see that there are probably a thousand other more inspiring videos than this.

      | |