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Tips on How to Shoot & Retouch Great Headshots with Phlearn

November 18th 2013 1:05 AM

We here at SLR Lounge love ourselves some Phlearn. From learning how to be creative with hue and saturation to understanding softboxes, it’s amazing how much you can get from Phlearn, which is why we’re happy to feature them, as well.

How to Shoot an Editorial-Style Corporate Headshot

Phlearn aaron_editorial

Recently, Phlearn released a great tutorial on how to shoot corporate headshots with an Forbes-style editorial look featuring the Phlearn Staff. To the average portrait photographer, corporate headshots can be a little too “straightforward” and “safe”, with not much creativity involved. But Aaron Nace showed in the video below that it with a little tweak in lighting with your subject, you can capture a more editorial-style headshot that can still look great for your clients.

Just as important as the lighting is client interaction, and Aaron’s approach is to not stand behind the camera and just trigger the shutter with a Pocket Wizard. This allowed him to converse with the subject directly, make a stronger connection, and invoke a more natural reaction from the subject. Although he is talking about corporate headshots, Aaron’s advice can easily be applied to a variety of portrait photography.

Be sure to read Aaron’s article on How to Shoot Editorial-Style Corporate Headshots

Phlearn cat_editorial

How to Retouch Editorial an Editorial-Style Corporate Headshot

Although the images themselves came out looking great out of camera, it wouldn’t be an Aaron Nace image if there aren’t some cool Photoshop post-processing involved. In part 1 of this 3-part retouching video, Aaron shows us how to use a combination of custom brush, clipping mask, and high-pass filter to smooth out the skin while still retaining detail.

Part 2 is up and Aaron will cover how to retouch hair, as well as how to dodge and burn.

Part 3 is up as well!

The Phlearn Editorial Headshot Images

Here are the rest of the images from Phlearn’s Forbes-Style Editorial Corporate Headshots

Phlearn asa_editorial

Phlearn chris_editorial

Phlearn ka_editorial

Phlearn nick_editorial


Joe is a rising fashion and commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He blends creativity and edge with a strong style of lighting and emotion in his photographs. Be sure to check out his work at and connect with him on Google Plus and on Facebook

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  1. Kurk Rouse

    no way near this lvl of photoshop fu

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  2. My Go-To Beauty Retouch Photoshop Technique Video

    […] I live in Miami most of the time, and being a guy into photography down here in the land of the uninhibited, and impossibly fit and tanned, I’m saturated with pictures of bikini models and fashion (tough, I know). It’s a huge industry and very competitive. Pro photographer Oscar Rabeiro has made a name for himself very quickly on the scene, and has shot for the likes of Inked, Maxim, and FHM, to name a few, and is in constant demand. A consumate professional in his dealings, his work reflects the same, and he has been generous enough to share on YouTube highly detailed instructional videos, many dealing with post processing. We will be featuring Oscar very soon so watch out for that. In the meantime, here is the video, and you can find links to his work below. [REWIND: Tips in How to Shoot & Retouch Great Headshots with Phlearn] […]

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  3. Ceddy

    Can you tell us what amount of flash power did you use ?

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    • frankdaiels

      This information would´t help a lot. I don´t think you have the identical flash like them. He said aperture 11 the rest depends on your flash.

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  4. Fotograf ślubny

    a good mystery :) A lot of the time it take care :)

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  5. frankdaniels

    I love this color toning….how you get this?

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    • Lukas

      I have seen it couple times too, ussualy for editorials but i wonder how you get that too.

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  6. Tomas Skaringa

    Thank you Joe for sharing this great information about shooting headshots. It’s truly great to see different perspective of how to achieve very natural look of your clients in editorial way. Best luck to you !

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  7. Jason S.

    “Adding style to your corporate headshot” – I love it. I’ve been searching for the right way to explain to clients that Im not going to be providing them with “traditional” business head shots. Wonderful tutorial, thanks!

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