Most of you have heard of timelapse, taking pictures at a set interval and then stitching them together in a video to show the passage of time. But have you heard of hyperlapse? Basically it is a timelapse, but hyper (haha, video reference).

As you can see above, the guys over at Digital Rev on YouTube did a fantastic job of explaining how to do a hyperlapse, full of some great examples, and as always – some good laughs.

The process of making a hyperlapse is virtually the same as a timelapse, just with more movement. The results are, or can be I should say, amazing and are almost always interesting. This seems like a great way to add interest to a timelapse project.


Hyperlapse Tips

  • Keep subject centered
  • Monopod is easier than a tripod
  • Process just like a timelapse
  • Practice on stationary objects like buildings

I plan on giving this a try, it looks like a fun way to pass some time…


What are your thoughts on the hyperlapse vs timelapse argument? Leave a comment below!

[via Digital Rev on Youtube (Image taken form Video)]