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Timelapse Genie – Set Up Amazing Timelapses On A Budget!

By Matthew Saville on April 30th 2012

…Only a true camera geek will appreciate how cool (and how risky) this is!


If you’re a regular subscriber then you alreay know that we here at SLR Lounge are huge fans of cool timelapse footage.  A good timelapse on vimeo is just as addictive to us camera geeks as is addictive to high school teens and their grandparents.  ;-)  Speaking of “addictive to camera geeks”, pretty much any cool gadget on is worth a few minutes of (lunchtime) browsing…  So this is doubly cool.

Recently we got a tip from Ben Ryan with a company called Syrp,  about their Kickstarter project called the Genie.  The Genie is a device for time lapse motion control that takes a very simple approach to everything.  Instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on rails and arms and gears and whatnot, all you really need now is the Genie.  You can use the Genie with all of your expensive rails and whatnot, OR you can just build your own rail system and the Genie will adapt perfectly.  (See a home-made timelapse rail HERE, created by my friend Sean Goebel)  Heck, they even demonstrated a very impressive bit of timelapse footage, filmed by dangling a DSLR over a lake by a cable!  You can even use a simple skateboard and a bit of small rope.  The Genie looks like a brilliant tool that could make complex timelapse recording super easy, and once again allow those who are truly creative to rise above the rest and stand out with their artwork.

Check out the Genie in the video below, or click here to view their Kickstarter page.  For the latest info, visit

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  3. Thomas Ryan

    I pledged on this… I think I was the second backer! Was just browsing through the new projects and this was the third one in the list. I’ve always wanted to get into timelapse photography, and even though I have a camera and interalometer the finished timelapse still looks a bit stale! Don’t get me wrong, a well shot stationary timelapse can look great, but the movement this will add to my timelapses will make them look 100 times better.
    I really can’t wait to receive mine.

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  5. Joe Gunawan

    Wow, this is very cool! Love the flexibility of the Genie!

    – Joe

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