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Time-Lapse Photos in a Single Frame | Selected People by Pelle Cass

By Jules Ebe on October 27th 2013

Boston-based artist Pelle Cass shares his “8 Commandments” for his time-lapse image series “Selected People”. The images go from reality and a play on time, to the “hyper-real” – something outside and beyond what is present in real life. As you look at the images, it is almost as if it is possible, and then your mind catches up to the trick.

Check out the interview recently done for The Creators Project looking at his technique and following him as he sets up “trick” photos around NYC.

Time-lapse Photography in a Single Frame | Pelle Cass’ “Selected People” Series

Pelle Cass’ Commandments for “Selected People” Time-lapse Project

  1. I don’t change a thing and I never move a figure or doctor a single pixel. I simply decide what’s stays in and what’s left out.

  3. My work looks real because it is real, even though it’s based on a trick.

  5. I use Photoshop to increase imperfection, not remove it.

  7. When I go out to photograph I like to have a plan because I can always bag it when I get back to the studio and do something completely different.

  9. I try to have some context so I’m not just taking pictures in the dark, as it were. So I try to read a million books, see a ton of movies, listen to all kinds of music, and go to every gallery and museum I can find.

  11. I never pass up the chance to make a joke, visual or otherwise.

  13. People tend to clump, so I look for birds and kids to fill the high and low spots.

  15. Rule: If twins happen to wander into the frame, I always leave them in so people think it’s a Photoshop trick.


[rewind: Lovers Dance All Night for Long Exposure Time-Lapse

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Stay Inspired ~ Jules

[via Vice]

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is a Southern California based Conceptual Artist and Photographer. Her work has been featured in several print publications and selections can be seen in local gallery exhibitions. Connect with her on Facebook and Google+.

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  1. Roberto

    Interesting project, the production and the concept gives a whole new sense to the final image, that otherwise it would look like just another place full of people. Thanks for sharing this Jules.

    | |